Camper Extraordinarily Comfortable

A while back, Camper held a Camper Extraordinary Crafts Event where they showcased their latest collection and fashion collaborations from four young and talented people. Spring/Summer has always been the best time to look for shoes since there will be more colour variations available and the shoes are more varied, from open toed to sandals. Well you know how much we love a pair of comfortable shoes, don’t you? That’s why Camper is one of footwear brands that always makes the top of our list.

For the Spring/Summer 2011 Camper introduced 4 lines of Camper Extraordinary Crafts. Flexibility uses flexible materials and constructions that will allow you freedom of movement. Lightweight was designed to be as light as possible because of the sole that is made from lightweight material as well as lightweight leathers and technical fabrics. Hybrid was made by the combination of different techniques perfected by Camper over the years and high quality material that will allow maximum sustainability. P87 System is a cushioning system that uses PU insole and transparent TPU outsole and rests on 87 balls of the insole that interconnected. It will allow absorption of impact at every step you take to allow more comfort to the wearer.

During this event Camper also auctioned four creations made by four talented figures in art and fashion which will be donated for charity. They are:

  1. Ria Sarwono & Carline Darjanto (Cotton Ink)
  2. Raiki (Hunting Fields)
  3. Amesh Budiristio (Dreamesh Living)
  4. Hadi Cahyono (Photographer)

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