Acqua For Life

65% of human body is composed of water. 4/5 part of our planet is covered with water, but only 3% of that water doesn’t contain salt. 900 million individuals are still deprived of safe, clean and healthy water for their daily essential needs. Water that is essential for drinking, eating, guaranteeing a minimum of hygiene and maintaining one’s health.

Realizing the need of clean water access for the sake of human health, Giorgio Armani Perfumes takes action alongside with non-profit organization, International Green Cross. This humanitarian campaign is titled Acqua for Life, which aims to provide tens of millions of liters of drinking water to populations without any access to it. Acqua for Life ‘s goal is to supply a minimum of 40 million liters of drinking water to populations in need this year. Children is the main target of this program because they are the most vulnerable to water-borne diseases. Children’s future is also taken hostage by this uncertain water supply.

Starts from March 1, 2011, for every Acqua di Gio and Acqua di Gioia sold, 100 liters of clean water will be donated to remote places. Now everyone can take action too including us by buying any of those perfumes.

Ferry Salim, Nadine Chandrawinata and Titi DJ were chosen to be Acqua for Life ambassadors in Indonesia because they’re recognized as the celebrities who care deeply about the environment.