‘Dare To Be’ By Oriflame Calling Out The Girls

From April 6 to 10, Piazza section of Gandaria City mall was transformed into area that looked colorful and interesting not only for teens but for anyone who passed by.  In the venue, people could get free makeover, take photo in front of cool backdrop, sing in a singing booth, play various games and more importantly, try new beauty products. That’s where Oriflame held an event titled “Dare To Be” to launch its newest products specialized for teens. Special performances from several teens idol; Endah n Rhesa, Vidi Aldiano and RAN also spiced up the event. In my experience, “Dare To Be” was a beauty product launch that had the most creative concept because it not only launched products but also entertained the visitors with various fun activities.

Now teenage girls don’t need to worry to choose beauty products that are suitable for them because they got the selection already from Oriflame. Dare To Be, which also becomes the name of Oriflame new collection, offers Very Me Click It as the decorative makeup, The Babes perfumes and Pure Skin skincare products.

With Very Me Click It Connector, we can connect Very Me Click It Mascara and Very Me Click It Eyeliner. Very Me Click It Mascara has two choices of colors, black and green. While Very Me Click It Eyeliner is a high-glossy eyeliner available in 5 colors; black, grey, brown, blue and green. Isn’t it fun to choose our favorite color of eyeliner and mascara then combine it in just one product?

For those who love fruity scent perfume in cute bottle, go for The Babes. The Babes has three variants which are The Babes Crazy Kiwi Eau de Toilette, The Babes Passion Berry Eau de Toilette and The Babes Sweet Peach Eau de Toilette. The Babes comes in a package which consists of the perfume, a white doll and a set of stickers. You can get playful and creative to decorate the doll with the stickers provided.

Start your skincare ritual before it’s too late with Pure Skin. It helps to control your skin’s ecosystem, has anti-bacteria formula and control oil production. So don’t forget to start your day with Pure Skin Face Wash, Pure Skin Face Toner and Pure Skin Shine Control Cream. To cover and treat your blemishes, opt to Pure Skin Hide and Treat that lessen the appearance of skin imperfection. For more info about Dare To Be, you can check on www.dare-to-be.net or follow its Twitter @dare2be_id.

The Oriflame team is ready to give free makeover for the visitors.


Dance Dance Revolution game and singing booth inside “Dare To Be” area

Some visitors are invited to decorate the gigantic version of The Babes doll.