UNT: Affordable Skincare from the Expert at Affordable Price

What is UNT? I was quite annoyed by the name for some time, because it doesn’t sound right to my tongue and is just plain weird. I wasn’t exactly sure how to pronounce it. Turns out it’s an abbreviation from the word “untitled”. Because beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. Or so they say on the site.

I first heard the brand from Sylvia Angelina, another active member of the forum. And of course, being a curious cat that I am, I instantly registered to the site and started asking questions to the experts there. Experts, I said? Yep, because UNT is a brand created by an industrial engineer named Joanna Chien with the support of medical experts from various related fields. Such as biochemists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, and pharmacists.

According to WWD, Chien wants to bring UNT to American mass chains and direct marketing channels within this year. A great timing for the brand since the demand for Asian products and hight-technology skin care at affordable prices is really high at the moment. Chien also said that she wants American women to see skincare as their essential daily regimen, just like brushing their teeth.

I quickly fell in love with the brand, as well as the site. The brand provides solution for just about any skin problem. Acne, dehydration, uneven skin tone, sun spots, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dark circles. You name it. Based from what I read, UNT uses the best ingredients available without burdening the customers with expensive price tags. Here’s their mission, taken from the site:

“UNT was founded based on philosophies that skin care should not be a luxury, that all people deserve healthy and comfortable skin equally, and that every product should have a purpose for skin. Since its inception in 2004, UNT has persisted on developing only medical-grade skin care products that deliver visible results, at prices affordable to the mass market.”

Sounds good, right? Well, the product price ranges from $8.99 (hand treatment) to $59.99 (newest anti-aging serum). I think each product could last 3-6 months, some even longer. So I’d consider them to be quite economical for the quality.

As for the site, I’d say it’s very user friendly and helpful to the customers. They provide extremely comprehensive skin analysis, skin knowledge, product recommendations, ask an expert page and how to use (in order) the products’ page. Something I don’t normally find in other skincare site, or even if there is, I never found one this complete! They also have testimonial pages from users all around the world, and when you input your questions to the experts, the response will be available online, along with QA from other users. If you want to ask about a certain serum or cleansing, etc, you can also input your questions directly from the related product’s page. And you won’t have to worry about waiting for the response too long, because from my experience, they usually respond within 24 hours. And they’ll give you email notification about the response, so you can go back to the site and decide what to buy, or ask another question if you are not satisfied.

That’s not all. Did I mention they provide free worldwide shipping service, for every single purchase? And that the package will get to you within a week! Hmm… Getting interesting, eh? :D And you’ll also earn 5% cashback every time you make an order. Oh, and UNT offers various promotions: buy a bundle with discounts, product bonus on purchase of a certain amount, 50% off on 2nd item, etc.

On to the products. Googling around, I found that UNT uses the most advanced technology, and the ingredients are proven to be effective. You can read the function of each active ingredient from the product’s page. My first order was for Pilates anti-aging serum and Exfoliant, and quickly grow from there. I will give my detailed review on each product I used later on, but for now, here’s a list of product which I love from UNT:

  1. Huille Demaquilante Cleansing Oil
  2. Clear Purifier Face Wash (for oily or acne-prone skin)
  3. Exfoliant and Acerola Brightening Exfoliator
  4. Pilates MD Serum (anti-aging serum)

Read my review on Huille Demaquillante and Acerola Brightening Exfoliator on my skincare arsenal page.

I just got my hands on Prodige, which is the latest addition to their products, an anti-aging serum using what they claimed to be the most advance technology in the market. It’ll be my next review project. :D In the meantime, did you know there is a UNT thread in our beloved forum? It hasn’t been active for a while but trust me, it’s worth the peep. :)