My On Duty & Off Duty Style

Working as fashion reporter is enough to motivate me to dress as stylishly as possible, especially when I have to attend fashion show or other events. Some event invitations note the dress code. But when there’s no dresscode mentioned, I need to stare at my closet for a while before deciding the outfit. After several trials and putting on some clothes, my pick to go to Best of British fashion show that afternoon went to a colorful printed tank top, paired with black pencil skirt, then layered with purple cardigan. A pair of purple patent stilettos matched the color of my cardigan.

When I don’t have any event to cover, I prefer more casual outfit to be worn at office. Flat shoes are the key and sneakers are the variations. I’ve never thought of owning a pair of sneakers, but my boyfriend suggested and bought these sneakers for me. and I love them. So I rolled up my jeans to make the sneakers pop. I chose flower-printed top to look feminine and balance the sneakers.

On Duty Style (left photo):

  • Top: Gaudi
  • Skirt: tailor made
  • Cardigan: ITC Mangga Dua
  • Handbag: (X).S.M.L.
  • Shoes: Toko Dua Amoi
  • Watch: Casio

Off Duty Style (right photo):

  • Top: bought at campus bazaar
  • Jeans: Levi’s Curve ID
  • Sneakers: Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Wrapping Paper