1001 Looks Of Kebaya By Raden Sirait

I admit that 1001 is not the real number of kebaya created by Raden Sirait for the fashion show. But the fashion show titled “Kebaya For The World” truly presented a large number of kebaya in various transformation. The duration of the fashion show almost reached 3 hours, so I guess you understand why I put “1001” on the title. However, with that length of time, the show wasn’t boring at all since it was presented in theatrical musical format. It was spectacular. Kebaya For The World showcased many kebaya you could never imagine.

In fact, there were 155 kebaya in the fashion show compiled from Raden Sirait 5-year creations. Although Raden Sirait can’t draw and make pattern, those didn’t stop him from dreaming. He left all the boundaries and limitation and successfully transformed kebaya into various designs. However, he didn’t forget basic silhouette of kebaya that holds the body. He loves to combine contrasting colors and apply asymmetric cutting to kebaya. Batik is not the only match for his kebaya. Velvet, tenun, ulos, satin and even leggings were also paired with Raden Sirait’s kebaya.

Stunning kebaya in white, beige and black

Modified kebaya in modern style; cabaret-inspired look (left photo) and asymmetrical sleeve kebaya (right).

Adorable “couple” and “family” Kebaya

Kebaya inspired by the glamorous Hollywood red-carpet

Kebaya for every type of body

Kebaya inspired by various Indonesia culture

Kebaya inspired by other nations

Avant garde kebaya