Skin Brightening Cream That Won’t Break the Bank

A couple of weeks ago, Monique, Pond’s PR Manager asked whether I was willing to be Pond’s respondent in a survey they were conducting. Since it was Pond’s, and it seemed like an easy thing to complete, of course I said yes! What I had to do was using two different creams on each side of my face. I didn’t have any idea what the two creams are, they’re just labeled with R for the cream I had to apply on the right side and L for the left side. I had to apply those two creams twice a day for a week just until the event of Pond’s Media Gathering at Pond’sInstitute.

A week had passed and no one gave me any hint what creams they were and what they were supposed to be. I noticed however, that my skin looked brighter and I’ve seen no difference between the two sides of my face. In that short period of time, I also found that dark spots on my left side of the face started to disappear. The spots didn’t go away completely but the L cream made it appeared lighter. FYI, my skin’s condition can be considered as normal. However, I also heard other respondent that are using the same creams, who has oily skin, said that their skin became less oily with the L cream.

Then the time of Pond’s Media Gathering come. In that event the “blind test” on the two creams was revealed. The R cream is an expensive face cream priced about hundreds thousand of Rupiah. While the L cream is ….

Pond’s Flawless White. They’re both effective to make our skin look brighter but Pond’s Flawless White only costs you about Rp. 60,000 and definitely will not break your wallet.

Pond’s Flawless White’s active ingredient, VAO-B3 complex, consists of Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, Allantoin and Optic System. Pond’s is the first beauty brand which used Vitamin B3 as skin brightening ingredient back in 1975. While Vitamin E has been well known as great antioxidant. Allantoin works to control pigmentation caused by UV ray. Last but not least, Optic System brightened skin tone naturally.

So, are you planning to cut your budget for skin brightening cream? I’ve proven it here that beauty on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lower expectation on the result :)