Oriflame The Babes Lets You Design Your Own Perfume Bottle

You don’t have to be a designer to decorate your very own perfume bottle. Oriflame has made it very easy for you! With its new perfume collection called The Babes, you can challenge your sense of creativity by decorating The Babes’ bottles. Each package of The Babes consists of a white Japanese doll, a series of stylish sticker to decorate the doll and 25 ml of perfume to be placed inside the doll.

First of all, you need to choose the desired perfume from the 3 variants of The Babes, or you may have them all if you want. The Babes Passion Berry Eau De Toilette is actually variant that I have. It smells sweet, fresh and delicate. According to The Babes Passion Berry description, this would empower teenage girls feel to feel confident and brave with its rose, jasmine and lily scent. Not to forget, The Babes Passion Berry also was completed with touch of patchouli and musk. There is also The Babes Sweet Peach Eau de Toilette suitable for girls with sweet and friendly character. The smell of peach, sweet orange, sandalwood and musk in this fragrance create soft yet attractive sensation. While The Babes Crazy Kiwi Eau de Toilette has notes of fragrant kiwi and pineapple. Green rose and white freesia give it a feminine touch while musk and vanilla notes add some warmth.

If you have decided which variant of The Babes that is suitable for you, go buy it for Rp. 249,000 and start this creative project. Here’s the picture of the plain white Japanese doll and a set of stickers inside The Babes box:


What you need to prepare for the decorating process is just a pair of scissors, enough time and patience. Basically, the process is just to cut the stickers that you want and put it on the doll. The challenging part is to choose the stickers. That’s because each set of stickers has various images and sizes so you have more than enough stickers to be put on the doll. You can also paint the hair area with black or other colors if you like. The paint isn’t provided in the package so it’s okay if you let the hair white. In the picture below, here’s my doll in the beginning of decorating process:

Gradually, my doll had more and more ornaments on her body:

Lastly, I gave life to my doll by placing the eyes and mouth. There are several types of eyes and mouth that can be chosen from the stickers, and here’s how what I chose for my dolll:

I think I fall in love with the final look of my Babe doll. Since I already have some dolls in my room at home, I left my Babe doll on my office desk to accompany me during work hour :D

Now tell me, how much would you grade my doll?