A Comforting and Moisturizing Cleanser for Dry Skin

Freshel Moist Lift Moisture Cleaning used to be one of my favourite cleansers. I almost forgot about this product which I bought back in 2008. Freshel is a drugstore brand by Kanebo and Moist Lift line is targeted for those looking for hydrating product. It’s in my opinion one of the best drugstore brand I have ever found. Too bad at that time this line was so hard to find, I only knew that the Moist Lift line was available in Japan and Thailand. But nowadays, Watson in Singapore carry this line too. It has one of the very well known ingredient to hydrate your skin which is the Hyaluronic Acid and also adhesive collagen and silk essence. Let’s not get into details with the line shall we, one of these days I promise I’ll give you my full review on the line.

As someone with dry skin, I’m not really a big fan of oil based cleanser because they feel too oily on my skin and not comforting like cream based cleanser. So I’m so happy when I found out that this product is water-based.

Formula-wise it’s a clear gel and it feels thick to the touch. The formula stays like thick gel from application until you blend it into your skin.

Performance-wise it’s comparable to cleansing oil, I feel that it’s able to lift up my makeup thoroughly and cleanse my face through and through. I tried to swipe oil based toner cleanser to my face this one time after I used this product and found no residue at all on my cotton pad, which reaffirms my belief that this cleanser does a splendid cleansing job. Although sometimes I found some mascara residue on my lashes that I need to cleanse with eye makeup remover.

The packaging of this product is a thick plastic bottle with pump dispenser and the product is 180ml. I pump two full pumps worth of product and cleanse my face by massaging the product lightly allover my face. With the eye area taking much longer time and with more care if I want to cleanse it thoroughly. The makeup just melts away with the gel. I rinse the product away with water before continuing with the rest of my skincare.

The feel of this product is very soft and moisturizing on my skin which is why I like it so much.

So the question would be … where to get it right? If you happen to visit Singapore, you can easily find it at Watson. In Hong Kong I think there are more places that carry it. Whereas in Bangkok, most supermarket and drugstore carry this line. In Female Daily, of course just visit Market Plaza and many of our trusted sellers there offers Purchase Order for this line. I know that Moporie offers PO for some of the Freshel’s product, so visit the thread and ask away. If you’re looking for online seller, then you can visit Adam Beauty which any Japanese Makeup / Skincare junkie would vouch for its service.

* Picture courtesy of Adam Beauty