Contradicting the Spring/Summer Wardrobe

Spring/Summer collection never fails to give the alluring sense of romance. Where all you want to do is skip work and go out to the park with an ice cream in your hand. What always stops me of course the rarity of such place and the horror of taking my beautiful spring dresses in the street of Jakarta :D

But we’re planning an event fitting with the collection shown at the third day of Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week where Valentino and Versace showed their Summer/Spring 2011 collection.

This Spring/Summer both Valentino and Versace collection revolved around contradiction. If Valentino is the summer romance then Versace is the playful spring. Valentino collection played with sheer fabric, overlapping textile with mix of texture and fabric that moved with ease. Whereas Versace balances its creation through the mix between short and long, plain and pattern, dull and bright, etc. Let’s see what caught our eyes from the two designers!

1. Valentino’s sheer and lace, often overlapping beautifully

2. Valentino’s ruches and frills

3. Versace’s contrasting materials

PVC were used in many of the dresses to break up the lines of the silhouette.

4. Geometric use of Versace Greek fret motif

5. Extensive use of fringes at Versace