Plaza Indonesia, The First Mall To Collaborate With

A screen-shoot from

When reading the title and seeing the image above, your head might be loaded with numbers of questions like:

What is

What purposes are the barcodes on the image above?

Why is it so important for Plaza Indonesia to collaborate with

Let me explain these to you one by one.. is a web application used to access e-coupons and pages that are optimized for mobile phone. It helps you to get information about brands, retailers, restaurants and event at malls. delivers mobile content such as coupons, product info, pictures, video and text to enable unique shopping experience  using mobile tagging with QR codes. not only works together with one-on-one tenants but also with the mall to bring exciting new offers daily. It attracts customers from all over the city especially for those who use smart phones such as Blackberry, iPhone and Android.

QR (Quick Response) code is barcode that needs to be scanned using smart phones. After QR code is scanned, shoppers will be directed to website where they can get information provided on the site.

Collaborating with will draw traffic to the mall and Plaza Indonesia becomes the first mall to get on board. If you open the webstite of, you can see some other malls have collaborated too. You can also see the participating brands at as the list below. That list is growing each day as more and more brands are added.

Why wait? Try scanning the barcode with your smart phone. For example:

  • For Blackberry users, go to Blackberry Messenger and scroll the menu to Scan a Group Barcode then push enter.
  • Your camera phone will automatically work, then point it to the barcode (you can point your camera phone to any of the barcode on above picture). Wait for a moment, and a link to website will appear on your screen.
  • Now you can browse for mall’s events, retailers’ info and promo on

So don’t forget, before visiting Plaza Indonesia, follow the instruction above to find out if there is any interesting offer or promotion going on at the mall. You don’t want to miss out on a good deal, do you?