A Surprise at Our Weekly Sharing Session

Since about 2 months ago, everyone at Female Daily office has a new routine every Monday morning: our weekly sharing session! This is where we gathered and update each other on ongoing projects, upcoming ones, review past projects and discuss any issue that might arise during the past week. This is also where we brainstorm ideas. Everyone’s opinion counts, even those who are not directly related to the project that’s being discussed. Why Monday morning? Because usually our mind, body and mood are more fresh after relaxing on the weekend and ideas tend to flow more easily :)

Other than that, every week, each of us gets a turn to speak about a certain topic in front of everyone. The topic may or may not be related to work but it has to be something new and interesting. For example, this week Hanzky talked about the trend from F/W 2011 fashion week, last week I talked about Jin Shin Jyutsu that I learned from a talkshow with Reza Gunawan etc. That way, we all can learn something new each week without having to read anything :D. ┬áIt also benefits the “speaker” because that person can sharpen their public skill. Yes, there are usually only 8-9 of us in the session, but hey, it’s good to practice often in front of a small crowd so you’ll be ready for a much bigger audience in the future, right? Anyway, even though there are only a few of us, it doesn’t mean we’re not intimidating to the speaker because we pay great attention to the topic, we even count how many “umms” they make during the presentation! :D

Anyway, last Monday we got a wonderful surprise from Mizone. They sent us a box full of Mizone Ur Flava, which is a new variant of Mizone and it came with a Mangga Kweni flavor! The drink, even though sounds rather odd, actually tastes fresh and very Kweni-like :D I heard that the label design (inspired by ‘everyday’ things such as BlackBerry, laptop, hat, etc) and flavor were actually chosen by Mizone consumers. It’s always nice to know that a brand listens to their consumers and take their opinions into consideration when creating a product. The kit also came with some cute knickknacks that we used for the meeting. It was a refreshing surprise and definitely made our weekly sharing session more fun and lively!

Check out our picure having fun brainstorming with Mizone Ur Flava! :)