Voila-Soled, Not Another Shopping Destination

Shopping, or maybe window-shopping, will be more exciting when almost all the pieces at the store are wonderful. Believe it or not, that happens in Voila-Soled! This store doesn’t offer you too many things, but every single item in Voila-Soled must be the selected one. That makes your shopping easier as you won’t need too much time in deciding which to buy. Actually, Voila and Soled are two different stores, but they are located under one roof at Jl.Panglima Polim V No. 23, Jakarta.

At Voila, you can hunt for various kinds of women stuff such as clothing, accessories, bags and even swimsuit. Voila carries several local brands for women, which is a good thing to support our young and talented designers. Fbudi, Lilou, Terror, Utee, Twenty Forteen, RUPH, Potmeetspop, Knothink.new, Eclectica, Monstore, Tuvafette, Screaming Cheap and DEER are available at Vila this moment. According to the shopkeeper, this list of brands isn’t permanent. Some brands can be changed with other brands.

Voila Store

As seen on the photo above, a wide range of wooden jewelries from Terror and black-and-white retro swimwear from Twenty Forteen are among the cool stuff at Voila. Some other picks at Voila are the apparel from Lilou (photo below, left) and do you remember the sweet red top by Fbudi (photo below, right) that has been reviewed before? Not to forget, a necklace collection from Knothink.new is really unique. For more info about Voila, do visit its website on voila-store.com.

Lilou, Fbudi


As written on its own description, SOLED is a store that carries quality local made footwear and it aims to catch the soul of modern and casual men and women. It provides various selection of footwear made by young and talented Indonesian local shoemakers. For me, the description is as appealing as the style of the shoes I saw in SOLED. Some of the brands at Soled are Suedehead, Amble, Naima, Petite Cupcakes, Soul and Brodo.

Petite Cupcakes




So why wait to shop at Voila-Soled? You better go soon before the brand you are looking for is replaced.