Pourvous Sweet Milk Body Scrub: My Kind of Gritty Scrub

This review is long overdue, since I got my hands on this tube of scrub about 8 months ago :) I think by now, most of us have heard about the brand Pourvous. Lena reviewed their Jasmine Temptation Shower Gel here, and I’ve shared the content of my bathroom here.

Once you got home after a long day, especially when you take public transportation like me, don’t you feel like sloughing away all the dust and grimes off your skin? That’s what I feel when I got home, and mere soap won’t do the job. That’s why body scrub is a staple in my body care regime. I’ve tried some supermarket brand scrubs, but I didn’t find the one with the right grittiness.


That’s why I love my Pourvous Sweet Milk Body Cream Scrub – because it’s gritty enough. No wimpy little granules like the ones I’ve tried before. It’s strong enough to slough away dust, buildup and dead skin cells away, even to be used for scrubbing the heels area.  I’ve tried to capture the granules, but they didn’t show well in my photos. However, it won’t leave your skin feels raw after usage, thanks to the “body cream” part of the scrub. I use it twice a week like suggested, and more for the heels. I’ve noticed that since I used this product, I don’t have problem with ingrown anymore even though I shaved my legs every other day.

Added bonus: Pourvous products are natural, means free of paraben, lanolin, PABA, color additive, methanol fragrance and also cruelty free. So it’s good for your skin, good for environment, and it’s local brand from Surabaya! This scrub comes in a generous tube of 250 gram that will last you a long time. I haven’t even finished mine and it’s been months! It costs Rp. 60,000 and you can buy it from their website. However keep you eyes peel because they often participate in craft or small business fair/exhibitions where likely they’ll run a promo.

My own tube got a typo in it: it says “Sweat Milk” instead of Sweet Milk :) I’m not sure how this happen since the one on the website got correct label. Unrelated to the review, I got one question about the brand: why did they choose a (actually two) French words as a name instead of an Indonesian name or something easier to pronounce? Regardless of the uncertainty that may arise on how to pronounce the brand, Pourvous got good stuffs that you should try!