Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa Makes The Most Of Mangosteen

Mangosteen is known as Indonesian fruit with exotic taste and smell. As Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa launched its new spa collection Pitaloka Mangosteen, I was informed that mangosteen has a lot of beneficial ingredients for our skin. The amount of Vitamin C contained in each mangosteen is 5 times greater than in orange. Vitamin C is very useful to stimulate new skin cell to grow and make it smooth and glowing. Vitamin E and antioxidant are also found in mangosteen to protect the skin from pollution and other harmful condition. The list goes on; mangsoteen also contains xanthone to increase immunity, cathecins as anti-bacteria chemical and stilbenes that combats fungus.

The name of the collection, Pitaloka Mangosteen is inspired by Princess Dyah Pitaloka from Pajajaran Kingdom who was popular for its beauty and intelligence. A set of Pitaloka Mangosteen spa products consists of Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Body Scrub, Martha Tilaar SPA Massage/ Bathmilk Oil and Martha Tilaar SPA Manggis Body Lotion with SPF 25. What attracts me the most from the collection is the multifunction Massage/ Bath milk Oil. It can be used as massage oil, but when you pour it into water, it changes into white bath milk.

Now, everyone can get the benefit of mangosteen from Pitaloka Mangosteen treatment at any Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa with the price range Rp. 330,000 – Rp. 400,000.