My Everyday Makeup Bag

What kind of makeup bag do you carry around everyday? I have so many makeup bags in variety of sizes. Large, medium, small, tiny (which I eventually use to store my medicines :)) I use them all to store my makeup products that I can pick up and travel with whenever I need to go to special events or photo shoots, which require me to do a full-on makeup outside the house.

For everyday use, I usually bring a medium-sized makeup bag, such as this one from MAC FAFI collection. But what bothers me is, even though this kind of bags are usually big enough to fit all my ‘everyday’ makeup, I need to have a separate place to carry my brushes. I don’t like stashing my brushes with the products because they get dirty and the hair will be ruined easily, but carrying around brush roll everywhere is also impractical.

Which is why, I fell in love with this pretty pink makeup pouch from Lapak Myria the moment I saw it!

Inside this bag, there are two small pouches to store your makeup products and on the inside of the lid, there are a few slots for your brushes and mascara. Bingo!

Don’t be fooled by the size. Even though it looks small-ish, I can fit the following products inside the pouches: 4 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 1 lip balm, 1 lip&cheek tint, 1 cream blush, 1 powder blush, 1 eyelash curler, 1 powder foundation, 1 sponge, 1 brow pencil and 1 cream eyeshadow. Enough for a full face makeup! Oh, and I even managed to fit a bottle of nail polish inside too :D While on the brush slots, I can fit 1 travel powder brush, 1 flat top brush, 1 mascara and 2 eyeshadow brushes. I can probably fit more brushes than those but that’s more than I need for everyday use.

This makeup bag, or cosmetic bag organizer as it’s officially called, also comes in other colors such as orange, baby pink (super cute!), light purple, sky blue, dark blue black, brown and red. Go straight to Lapak Myria to adopt these babies. They’re only IDR 65,000 per piece!