These Highly Sought-After Necklaces are Ours!

A few months after I wrote this post, the items of Lanvin for H&M collection were sold out quicker than you can say “grossgrain ribbons” , as a result of women lining up for hours in front of the stores even before it opened. Luckily, Hanzky and I were quick enough to ask Amanda, our lovely friend / ex-intern / contributor who lives in the Netherlands to snatch the ribbon tie necklaces from H&M online store.

I almost forgot about them but when a delivery guy knocked on our door this afternoon, my heart almost stopped. There lied the beautiful, bright-colored costume jewelries, housed in a big white box bearing the Lanvin (heart) H&M logo. The necklaces are bigger and heavier than I thought they were. I was surprised that they’re not made out of plastic! Not sure what the material is though, but these are certainly fun, statement items that will bring life to any boring black dress or top I own. It’s also an almost exact replica of a “real” Lanvin crystal necklace that costs a whopping IDR 18 million! For these high street versions, Hanzky and I only needed to shell out about IDR 500,000 each. Still a lot considering it’s H&M but as Hanzky eloquently put it “It’s a piece of history!” :D

We ordered different colors, one fuchsia and one red. Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Hanzky’s? :)

Special thanks to Amanda for ordering them for us. Miss you lots, girl!