Eyes that Make us Weak in the Knee

Some guys have that deep, penetrating stare that make us forget our names. But it’s hard to be mesmerized by such gaze if the eyes are lined with dark circles that show tiredness and lack of energy, right?

Unhealthy lifestyle such as lack of sleep can cause dark circles to our eyes. Dark circle or eye bag is not only a problematic thing for women but also for men. Especially, for men who are conscious about their look. Unfortunately, being lack of sleep is sometimes unavoidable; that’s why men need to find a product to solve this problem.

Now we have a product to recommend to the men around us; L’oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On. Priced at Rp. 49,000, this product promises to increase skin condition around men’s eyes, combat eye bags and dark circles with its beneficial ingredients.  Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On has Vitamin C to restore skin vitality, Peptido Complex which is an innovation from L’oreal Paris to reduce dark circles around the eyes, and caffeine to stimulate blood circulation and reduce eye bags. Interestingly, Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On is also packed with Metallic Frozen Roll On that massages, revives tired eyes and also gives cooling sensation to the eyes in an instant. Just like this product that Affi has reviewed a few years ago!

To present this product, L’oreal Men Expert chose Gerard Butler. He’s not only an eye candy for many women but he had captured our attention through his his acting in some popular movies such as 300, P.S. I Love You and The Ugly Truth. Hopefully, by using Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On regularly, our beloved men would have the same melting eyes as Gerard Butler. Or is that just wishful thinking? ;)