Dove Lets You Do Your Favorite Things

Something funny happened on my way to Dove Damagetherapy launch event a couple of weeks ago. Before entering the ballroom, I made a detour to the bathroom of Grand Hyatt hotel, where the event was held, and saw a girl with huge hair rollers still stuck on the top of her head. I thought she was one of the models who was getting ready for the show. But then I walked into the venue and was shocked because I was greeted by 3-4 girls also with hair rollers on her head! Then I realized, it was Dove’s way of showing what women love to do with her hair, including curling our hair with rollers. I thought it was a clever and unique way to greet the guests and that definitely made me look forward to the show that night.

Anyway, after enjoying delicious dinner, we were ushered to the ballroom. Jakarta Broadway Team opened the night with a musical number of “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music, but with slightly different lyrics. Instead of singing about cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudel, the singers sang about blowdrying, coloring and smoothing hair! :)¬† It turned out to be the opening of a “mini” musical and the story revolves around a group of women who, like us, love experimenting with their hair. One girl loves dyeing her hair in neon colors, one works as a performer so her hair is constantly going through some “stress”, and another likes going to yoga classes outdoor where her hair is not only exposed to sun rays on a daily basis, but also tied¬† in a high pony tail. When these women discovered that those activities can actually damage their hair, they panicked and decided to stop doing it completely. Well, you can imagine what happened when we stop styling our hair altogether right? That’s right, hair-disaster!

Anyway, luckily three “fairy godmothers” showed up in the form of Maia Estianty, Titi Sjuman, Ersa Mayori, and told these girls that now, they don’t have to stop doing their favorite things, because they can trust Dove Damagetherapy to protect and nourish their hair. These three beautiful ladies, along with Sarah Sechan who couldn’t come to the event because she was performing for Jakarta Love Riot, happen to be the new Dove Sisters in Beauty.

I truly enjoyed the event and it made me want to try the shampoo as soon as possible! Since I suspect my hair is starting to suffer from the damage I’ve been causing, I chose Dove Damagatherapy Intense Care, which is formulated with Fiber Actives, that can fix damaged hair shaft from the inside, as well as Micro Moisture Serum, which has been patented and proven to help strengthen and nourish hair from roots to the ends. A lab study showed that Dove Intense Care shampoo is effective in preventing split ends, hair breakage, and can make our hair 9 times stronger.

Other variants in Dove Damagetherapy includes Daily Shine, Hair Fall Treatment, Dandruff Care and Dryness Care and each series comes with conditioners too. Reading from the individual name, I’m sure you can find something to suit your needs, right?

So I’ve been using Dove Damagetherapy Intense Care for a few weeks now and I honestly say I love it! When I first tried it, I was a bit hesitant to see how thick the formula is (yes it’s my first time using it) and thought that it would be too rich for my oily scalp. But I was surprised to see that it coats my hair well, making it feel smooth and silky and look glossy too! Usually after one day of washing, my hair starts to look limp and lifeless, but after using this shampoo, I notice it still looks quite good on the second day.

Furthermore, now after I blowdry my hair, the ends don’t look too dry like before. Now it just feels smoother and more manageable, which makes me feel so much better about putting my hair through high heat every other day.

One more thing, there’s also Dove Overnight Treatment, which is like a leave-in conditioner, which can replenish the protein in your hair that’s been lost for a month in just one treatment. It is recommended to be used overnight because apparently that’s the best time to do any treatment for your hair. That product is so going to be on my next shopping list!

So have you tried the new Dove Damagetherapy products? Tell me what you think of them!