When Shoes Become an Extension of Oneself

I’ve always been a pump kind of girls. To me, pump shoes are classic and the little black dress of shoes, you can never go wrong with pump shoes. I did venture out to the gladiator type a while back. A pair of flats sandal to take me around Europe, because I knew my clothes were gonna be substandard so I relied on statement sandals to spice up the look.

I know shoes or fashion in general is an extension of ourselves. We can express our personality through the style and the color that we chose. But it wasn’t until last month, when my mom was hospitalized for a week that I suddenly had the urge to buy specific shoes in conjunction with what I felt inside. Being the oldest daughter, of course I was the one who was in charge for everything. I won’t be going into details here but in addition to my mom being sick,  let’s just say there was a challenge I need to tackle by myself (with the husband supporting from behind). And somehow, I found consolation in those fierce-looking shoes. It felt as if those can give the power and the strength I needed and those straps hug my feet comfortably as if it was to say everything would be okay.  A very supportive bunch indeed :D And those tangled straps are also a reflection of what I felt inside; complicated.

Here’s from left to right:

  • Aldo wedges. At 70% off. I took them home in a heart beat.
  • Another Aldo, but these ones are heels. Got them from Lynda Ibrahim, a Closet Quickies customer who wrote for Fashionese Daily too a couple of times.
  • UP Anjani Wedges. Gotta love the batik straps. I haven’t had luck with local shoes before, but these ones are so comfy and light that I could wear them all day. The craftsmanship is superb too.
  • Jeffrey Campbell Ibiza. I’ve always loved Jeffrey Campbell shoes, they are quality shoes that is reasonably priced. The nude/raw leather wins it for me because even though they get dirty easily, they will turn into honey color with each day I wear them and will be a showcase of where I’ve been and what I’ve been through.

By the way, I didn’t get those when my mom was in the hospital though. Those were acquired afterward.  Now thank God mom is back in her active mode and I couldn’t be happier (because she is healthy..and because my shoes family are growing :D)