First Look into Artistry Skincare

Last week I got invited to try ARTISTRY’s Facial Analysis Computer Evaluation System or in short F.A.C.E.S. It sounds like state of the art skin analysis, which is exactly what it was. I got cold feet the morning before I needed to go to the ARTISTRY Experience Center because prior to this the beauty consultant at ARTISTRY explained to me that with F.A.C.E.S they can read my skin’s condition inches by inches. It gives a detailed analysis on my skin’s condition. Like I said a skin test is as excoriating as your yearly medical check up!

For those who are not yet familiar with ARTISTRY , it’s a beauty brand by AMWAY that is sold through multi level marketing/MLM. They’re name as five of the biggest-selling beauty brands in the world ten years in a row according to Euromonitor Sales 2009. It’s sold in over 80 countries in the world and held more than 200 patented products and they strive to continuously create new innovation in this field. They’re product are clinically tried and of high quality and standard.

I am not one of those people that can easily be bought with marketing promises, especially when my skin is at stake. Knowing that I can’t easily be convinced of the wondrous thing ARTISTRY marketing tries to sell, on my first meet up with their team I got a package full of product information and an invitation to come to ARTISTRY ’s Experience Center. With more product knowledge at hand, those promises above in mind I finally step into the ARTISTRY ’s world.

First thing first, my F.A.C.E.S result turns to be not as scary as I thought it was. Although it gave a very in-depth explanation of my skin concern, like where the hyperpigmentation, fine lines and the ones going deeper and bacteria build-up, but knowing the specific concern helped the ARTISTRY team to better give me a solution for my skin problem. For instance, in some areas I have more hyperpigmentation than others which can be corrected by using spot corrector and some skincare containing Vitamin C. Whereas for the fine lines that are feasible on the corner of my eyes and smile lines, I can use some wrinkle related serum. Well actually F.A.C.E.S result gives you the specific ARTISTRY product that you can use to tackle this problem.

Anyway I brought home a bottle of ARTISTRY Multi Protect SPF 30/PA+++ from my visit there. Where I also got the chance to try on their various skincare products. A small baby step at a time, where it begun with the sunscreen. I kind of like the lotion like finish of this sunscreen which also has very little white cast. The colour looks a little bit pinkish beige but it turns colourless to the touch. It has broad spectrum protection and waterproof! Horay!

On my way out I noticed a big statue of the ARTISTRY Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel on the receptionist area. They said they’re going to launch it tomorrow! I got an invitation too, but to bad I can’t come since I will be out of town. But they promise me that they’ll send me a product *big yay!* so a review coming up once I got the chance to try it on.

In the meantime, if you have a friend that happens to sell ARTISTRY product, I suggest for you to take time to flip through their catalogue. You’ll find many hidden treasures.

If you ever wonder where ARTISTRY came from, it’s actually from the U.S. and all their products are made from there.