RAOUL Presents Attires For Luxurious Journey

Planning to have a trip in the middle of your busy days? Or just spending your weekend with style? Then you should take a look at RAOUL newest collection for Spring/ Summer 2011. The collection is themed “The Romance of Travel and Luxury”, inspired by ambiance of the great escape from the city to a place reminiscent of summer days and romance of travel. Well, we’re living in a country where most of the days resemble the summer. So this collection is not only suitable for traveling, but also for our days out. RAOUL’s creative directors, Douglas and Odile Benjamin stated that the collection is aimed to bring out the functionality and carefree aspect of the travelers, yet offering a touch of indulgence and glamor.

Pastel colors were much seen in women’s clothing. Light and comfortable fabrics such as cotton, chiffon silk and shantung were transformed into numbers of attractive pieces like short, long dress and blouse. Printed motifs were also found that took references from 70’s era. Those outfits were paired with strapped wooden platform wedges or leather sandals. Loose ponytail and sunglasses strengthened the laid-back feeling of the collection.

For the boys, RAOUL choose neutral colors such as black, white , brown, khaki and grey. Monochrome was also featured in the collection by matching the color for tops and pants. Denim loafers, leather bowling shoes, canvas and leather lace ups completed the whole look.

Above pictures are some of my favorite looks that were presented during the fashion show. What I love from the female model’s attire is the skirt that looks cute with its bow-tie belt. While the combination in male model’s seem unique since he pair suit with sandals. They’re interesting, aren’t they?