Definitely My Cup of Tea

These days, I just can’t bring myself to peek into my accessory drawers because I know I’ll feel guilty seeing that it’s getting fuller and fuller with accessories I’ve accumulated these past few years. But honestly, tell me, how can I resist buying more when we have an accessory label so easily available on the tip of our fingers like this!

This is Giana Chamomile Necklace from Tea Label. It’s a jewelry label offering exquisite and extraordinary hand-blended pieces. The jewelries, which consist of mostly necklaces and bracelets, are a combination of classic and modern style with a unique twist. I love how they incorporate tiny but adorable, vintage-looking charms into their creations. These delicate little things peek through strands of faux black and white pearls or gold chains, teasing you to take them home. Like this Yvette Earl Grey Tea bracelet with its antique phone charm. Irresistible!

If you’re interested in owning one or two or three pieces of Tea Label jewelries, simply head to their Facebook page and check out more items from their collection. Don’t worry, you won’t feel too guilty because they come in quite wallet-friendly prices :)