The Icons of Makeup Presenting Spring/Summer 2011 Trends

At a lovely night of Valentine’s Day, spectacular makeup show was held by to set the color trend for this Summer/Spring 2011. The icons that presented the makeup show refer to those who hold important role in Indonesian beauty industry; La Tulipe cosmetics and LT Pro Professional Makeup, and also 26 makeup artist. PT Rembaka, established in 1981, is the company which produce La Tulipe cosmetics and LT Pro professional makeup. While the 26 makeup artists have got reputable recognition not only in Indonesia but also in international stages.

The color trend for Spring/ Summer 2011 according to La Tulipe and LT Pro is dominated by bright color such as orange, blue, green, tosca and purple. Some example of products that were applied to the models are LT Pro Matte Perfecting Eye Color in orange, red and purple, LT Pro Lip Color in Orange and Lipgloss in gold, La Tulipe Eyeshadow Palette in light green, tosca, orange and shiny yellow, La Tulipe Pencil Eyeliner in blue and black, La Tulipe Blush On in orange and light brown.

The makeup show itself showcased various looks that were divided in 5 themes; Modification of Traditional Brides, Fancy, Body Painting, Avant Garde and International Brides. They are all oh-so-beautiful! But if I’m asked to pick my favorite looks, then I would choose the creative masterpiece of Philip Kwok with his “Syailendra” and Anthony Unin with “La Vie En Rose”. Which one is yours?

Modification of Traditional Brides:

Modifikasi Jogja” by M. Dedi & “Legendary Beauty of South Seas Queen” by Daday Khodigar


Goddess” by The Guh Wijaya & “Bird of Paradise” by Jongky Pitoy

Body Painting:

3D Airbrush Body Painting” by Chenny Han & “The Enchantment of Equator” by Ikie

Avant Garde:

Traveling To The East Indies” by Qiqi Franky & “Syailendra” by Philip Kwok

La Vie En Rose” by Anthony Unin

International Brides:

Romantic Elegant” by Wawa Sugimuearti & “Futuristic Bride” by Andiyanto