The Transformation of Fashionese Daily

February 26 2007

The first post on Fashionese was published. I’ve actually been blogging about fashion two years before that under a few different domains with the last one being But I hated that name so I was in the hunt for a new name and even asked for a name suggestion in that post. I came up with a few different ideas here. It makes me all teary eyes reading at the commentors name in that post, some are still loyal readers of Fashionese Daily…thank youuu for sticking with us this far. I don’t remember where I first heard the word fashionese, or maybe it’s something that just crossed my mind out of the blue? All I know is I liked it a lot from the beginning. It’s catchy without sounding like a wannabe. I decided to get it on February 23. I added a daily after fashionese because I just like the sound of it, or maybe I subconciously had a vision that it’s going to be a big publication someday *amiin*. Afterall, a name is a prayer, right?.

Fast forward to February 22 2011 when I write this, I couldn’t help but smiling proudly. Right now, I’m sitting in our office at Wisma 31 Kemang Raya, typing away on our newly assembled work station. In fact, the workers are still assembling the work station for others too as I type this. Today, we found out that Fashionese Daily is being listed at 100 digital entrepreneurs in SWA Magazine. I also went to the bank this morning to deposit some checks from our clients. We also started our #7hari challenge, where we push ourselves to do something we don’t normally do for #7hari, to leave our comfort zone, to just try a little harder and add excitement into our days. It’s nice when you’re surrounded by people who are willing to take risk and try something new, isn’t it?. Those are just the good things that happened today and many wonderful things happen almost everyday here in our office that we cannot be thankful enough.

Now I’m just going to tell you a little bit of what we do everyday. It would be nice to just blog and tweet the day away but the workload here has gone beyond writing whatever we feel like writing :D. I’m not complaining although there are times when I wish that just what I have to do that day…but that seems like a slow day for us. The business still revolves around providing information but not just to the readers but also to brands and agencies.

Here’s the detail:

  • In the publishing division we have Fashionese Daily, Mommies Daily, Fame n Frame. And guess what, we have never publicly announced before but we’re going to publish a book for Mommies Daily. Hopefully it’ll be launched toward the end of this year. For Fashionese Daily, we’re thinking of redesigning the blog as well as creating a single login for forum and blog so you can just use one identity to go anywhere in our network.
  • Community, the fuel that keeps us going…Female Daily. We currently have more than 23,000 members in our forum. We have committed to manage and engage more with the community this year, you can tell by the many activities we have been organizing since the beginning of this year. And there are more to come!
  • Activation +: This is where we help brands manage their online presence like updating their Facebook and Twitter account. Help them engage with their customers and potential customers on a conversational level. We can also map the perfect influencers for their brands, we do bloggers outreach and design interactive & viral online activities for them.
  • Insight +: This division help brands listen to conversations (anywhere online), find out what their customers and non customers are saying about their brands as well as their competitors. We then evaluate our findings and give the brand a comprehensive consumer insight. We also identify their unofficial brand advocate and brand evangelist. We can also gather consumer insights through polling, survey, focus group, etc.

Initially, we only want to do Activation+ and Insight+ for fashion and beauty brands but without we even realize it we’re helping brands who have male as their potential target markets too! Although honestly, we are learning to say NO right now and just stick to what we know best; Anything about fashion, beauty, shopping & motherhood :).

So that’s the update for me. I hope you’re as excited as us in witnessing how this little company have grown. If you have any feedback and suggestion you’re more than welcome to comment on the microsite that we’ve created for celebrating Fashionese Daily’s birthday. Do take your time to visit