167. Inside Rizka’s Bag

The Bag: My boyfriend bought this for me during his trip to Amsterdam because he knew I love bear, cute animal :) Also, this bag is big enough to carry my everyday essentials.

Inside The Bag (mentioned in order from the most essential thing for me)

  1. Blackberry Javelin. Just like may people do, I would feel so lost if I left my cellphone at home.
  2. Guess wallet
  3. Blackberry charger. Often times, charging my phone at home is not enough.
  4. A pack of tissue, since I easily sweat and easily get flu.
  5. Polkadot pouch
  6. Cardigan bought at Brightspot Market, to prepare myself anytime I need to go somewhere by ojek.
  7. Lumix DMC-FX 68
  8. Umbrella
  9. Notebook and pen. Although they are important, I still able to take note with my phone if I left them at home.
  10. Pink Nexus USB
  11. A college textbook, lent from my boyfriend to help me writing thesis.

Inside The Pouch, most of the content’s purposes is to freshen up my look:

  • Rouund mini mirror
  • Revlon Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Viva eyebrow pencil
  • Erhalogy lipbalm
  • Eyelash curler
  • Maybelline Magnum mascara
  • NYX eyeshadow
  • NYX palette pencil eyeliner
  • Revlon lipcolor
  • Listerine Vanilla Mint
  • Miniature size of CK One