Kelas Dandan FD – The Report, Day 1

Brushes were cleaned, pots of eyeshadows were taken out, foundations and powders were prepared – another Kelas Dandan FD was held!

Before I move on with the report, let’s take a trip down memory lane :D

Kelas Dandan FD was actually initiated by our dearest members, the earliest “bencongs” (our forum’s lingo for makeup addict), who got an idea of getting together and learned more about makeup. It was back in late 2007, when Hanzky was still in the US and I had just given birth to Aluf. When they threw this idea to us, we were of course very excited, yet sad because we couldn’t join the class :( But they went ahead with it anyway and so the very first Kelas Dandan was born :D You can read the report, written by Vveen, in this article.The trainer at that time was Darwyn Tse, who helped instill the first “makeup rule” in FD’s DNA: (repeat after me, girls) There is no rule in makeup! :D But there was also a “tips and tricks” session, led by Vveen, Dunia_Dandan, Nopai and Dezzell, which later would be called “Makeup Playdate” :)

As you can read the report and the comments, first Kelas Dandan was a big success and all of the participants were very happy! It has dramatically improved their makeup skill. More and more people also kept on requesting that we hold more classes so we thought, let’s make this a regular event!

Now, because at that time, our team was still very very small (with some of them located outside the country), we thought the best we could do is to hold it annually.

In January 2009, we held the second Kelas Dandan, this time we had 4 sessions in the span of 2 days. We had about 50 participants in total and it was held in Itje Her salon. Read Hanzky’s recap of what she learned from Darwyn in this article.

The next year, January 2010, we held another the third Kelas Dandan FD in Essence Apartment, Dharmawangsa. Day 1 was an Advanced class with Darwyn while Day 2 was for the makeup playdate with Debbie Dundan, Deszell and me. We were blown away by the enthusiasm shown by the participants, some of them we’ve never even met before. We were very happy to see them eagerly absorbing every tips and tricks given out by Darwyn and ourselves and how the class was truly able to help them with better makeup skill. Check out the photos and also comments by the participants of the 3rd Kelas Dandan here.

Now if we were blown away before, we were overwhelmed by the even more incredible response from this year’s Kelas Dandan. Within a few days after we opened the registration, all the seats were taken. And mostly by new members who are very eager to learn more about makeup. We were very excited because not only we got to meet and know more about these new members, we also loved the idea of giving birth to another generation of FD bencongs :D

Makeup Playdate

Kelas Dandan FD 2011 was held in Tupperware HOME and Day 1 was opened with Makeup Playdate. In the class, Deszell, Linda, who goes by the name Silvershore_Lake in the forum, and myself, gave an introduction of essential makeup products, essential makeup steps and basic makeup application, plus some tips and tricks.

Most of the participants already used makeup on their daily basis, consisting of foundation/BB cream, powder, one color eyeshadow and lipstick. We helped take their skill a notch just by adding a few extra steps (okay, A LOT of extra steps :D) which will not only make them look and feel better, but also give them enough basic knowledge so they could hopefully feel confident enough to play around with their makeup products.

We also made recommendation for products that we think all women should have to ensure beautiful makeup application such as: face primer, foundation in the right shade, makeup brushes, and others. We’ve written some of the the materials before, click here to read about:

Advanced Class

The second session for Day 1 was Advance class, which was led by Darwyn Tse from DLAM Management. The focus of the class was highlighting and contouring. Obviously, the participants of this class already has a certain skill level of makeup. They came to Tupperware HOME armed with their brushes and makeup products worth drooling over! I think I spent a great deal circling the class checking out their various palettes and made a mental note on what to get :D

Darwyn explained to the class that the ideal face shape is an symmetrical one, however not all women are blessed with this feature. Some of us have round face, some have angular, some has heart shaped – but there are ways to “balance out” our features, one of them is by contouring and highlighting.

Darwyn taught the participants the technique to countour and highlight to achieve a natural result. He really stressed the importance of not overdoing this step because the last thing we want to look is with harsh lines on our faces, like those TV anchors in the 80’s :D He said to achieve this natural result, we need to use the right products in the right shade, with the right tools and in the right way. Sounds complicated? Deszell has written 2 articles on highlighting and contouring with photos, so please take the time to read the articles if you want to learn more.

Apart from that, Darwyn and team also asked the class to do a complete makeup complete with dramatic eye makeup. He encouraged everyone to use any color they like, including bright or strong colors they never dreamed of combining before! And as you can see from the pictures, the result is unbelievable!

Finally, we want to thank all of the participants for taking parts in our Kelas Dandan FD 2011  and we hope you had as much fun as did while learning new skills :)

We’d also like to thank Tupperware for letting us use the beautiful venue as well as for prizes and goodie bags. Also thank you Dove for providing goodie bags for the participants.

The report for Day 2 will come up soon! In the meantime, please click here to see more pictures of Kelas Dandan FD 2011.

And to those of you who still want to join the class, don’t worry! We’re planning to hold another Kelas Dandan FD in the near future! :)