A Birthday Gift for Myself

My birthday fell on early February and it has become a tradition that I take the day off during that day. What better way to spend your birthday than to do whatever you want?

So with birthday comes gift right? That’s what you will be expecting from people around you, to give you gift that you always want. The most memorable gift this year was a Hello Kitty mug from my best friend. I’m always a big fan of Hello Kitty, unfortunately so does my daughter Raysa which thought that it’s a gift for her.

But in the 29 years of my life it’s very rare that I have received the gift that I really want, unless that I choose them myself. So from last year onward, I always treat myself with a pair of shoes as a birthday gift from myself. Why shoes? Because it’s one of my favourite things in the world, aside from food (which I have plenty of good ones during my birthday).

I took the time to really choose what I want to buy because this has to be the best gift of all since I bought it for myself. And the choice fell to:

A pair of Maloles Selma t-strap pump that have glomesh bow tie in the front. I have never owned a t-strap shoes before and this pair looks classy enough because of the black croco material and the glomesh bow tie makes it look appropriate to be worn for a cocktail party.

So next time you have your birthday, don’t hesitate to splurge on something for yourself because that is a way to reward yourself for celebrating for another wondrous year ahead. Give something that you’ve been meaning to buy or look for something special that you like.

My birthday month also happen to coincide with Fashionese Daily’s 4th birthday which will falls on the 26 February this week. That’s tomorrow! This month, not only I search for the perfect gift for myself but also the perfect gift for Fashionese Daily. Want to find out about the special gift for our site’s birthday? Stay tune, we will let you know soon. :)