How We Wear It: Biker Jacket

Biker jacket nowadays comes in variety of materials and colours, it’s not all leather and masculine anymore. Though it looks tough but you can make it softer and not so much like you’re a biker chick. It’s one article that can become your staple if you dress it right. We have just realized recently that the three of us at the office all own a biker jacket. So how do we wear our biker jacket?

Hanzky: Biker Jacket and Skirt

Of course, you can wear it anyway you want it. But since the image of a biker jacket is tough, edgy and masculine and I don’t want to look like I’ve just stepped off of a Harley Davidson. I like to soften it up by pairing it with a totally opposite style of skirt. The ones with girly colors and feminine pattern. I think it would look fantastic if paired it with fuller/balloony skirt or maybe a tutu skirt? If you want to try out a mini skirt, this is a good way to try that look to make it look more well proportioned, where the top part of your body is covered and showing some skin on the lower part. Wear killer shoes to complete the look and don’t go too far with makeup. A bright lips is enough.

What I wear it with:

  • Jacket: Silence is Gold  from Closetquickies
  • Skirt: Women at work (Mal Ambassador)
  • Inside: Uniqlo basic white tee
  • Shoes: Nine West
  • Bag: Prada Nylon
  • Sunglasses: Fendi

Deszell: Biker Jacket and Dress

Choosing a dress to pair up with a biker jacket is along the same line with Hanzky’s said above, since the jacket is already tough enough you can pair it up with something more feminine-looking and frilly. To balance out the jacket and the dress choose a dress that is not too plain. I would avoid a simple shift dress at all cost because the biker jacket will dominate the look, unless it’s something that you’re trying to do. Choose a dress that have details or wider cut at the bottom such as A-line shaped dress. If your biker jacket is solid black, navy or grey, it would be great to pair it with patterns to liven it up or bold colours so it doesn’t look frumpy. I let the jacket unzip so that the cut of the dress and its pattern can still be seen or else people will mistaken you for wearing a skirt.

As for the makeup, stay with something simple to balance out your whole look. Opt for nude colours so that the makeup wouldn’t overpower your outfit.

What I wear it with:

  • Jacket: Zara
  • Dress: Lily
  • Shoes: Zara
  • Sunglasses: Oscar De La Renta

Affi: Biker Jacket and Pants

Oh my biker jacket, how I love thee!This used to be my favorite black jacket for several years until I got pregnant and couldn’t fit into them anymore :D But now that I’ve lost 10 kg, the jacket hangs right on my body again. Big yay!

What drew me to this jacket was the zipper details, lapels and epaulettes, which gave it a touch of military look and “toughness”. I usually soften up the jacket by pairing it with something feminine like what Hanzky and Deszell did, but if you’re feeling bolder, highlight the masculine side of this jacket by wearing something structured and in monochromatic tones. I chose this white top, which is made of poplin (if  I’m not mistaken) and stiff enough to give the structure I was going for. If the cut of your jacket is slim and cropped, like mine, you can opt for pants with pleated details to add a touch of playfulness to your look. To complete the outfit, a pair of killer heels is a must! Choose either black booties with spiky heels or open-toed gladiator heels.

As for makeup, since the key word is “fierce”, choose whichever part of your face you want to highlight and concentrate the colors there. If you want your eyes to pop, go for sexy, smoldering, smokey eyes or swipe scarlet red or hot pink lipstick if you want your mouth to do the talking ;)

What I wear it with:

  • Jacket: Zara
  • Top: Metro Department Store
  • Pants: Next pleated pants
  • Shoes: Pedro

Tips to Find Your Perfect Biker Jacket

  1. For a start, don’t buy leather one because it’s not wearable, too hot to wear and it’s heavy.
  2. Look for the ones with great detail such as zipper, buttons or epaulette.
  3. Black, grey and navy is a good color to have for their versatility.
  4. Cropped almost always look better.

If there’s any style that you wan’t us to share on how we wear it, please do let us know so that we can share it with you.