Pond’s Institute, Beauty Treatment for the Beautiful You

You know those Pond’s TV commercials where a beautiful lady dressed in a white lab coat stepping out of a glass double door, which she calls “Pond’s Institute”, explaining to you the latest innovation in skincare technology with a dazzling smile and flawless skin? I’ve always thought that Pond’s Institute was a made-up place. Turned out that it’s not!

I was invited to the launch of Pond’s Institute Jakarta a few weeks ago and there I learned that it is a skincare center facility which uses advanced technology which helps Indonesian women to get the smooth and healthy skin they desire. Pond’s Institute in other parts of the world, such as Tokyo, New York and Madrid, is a research and technology center which houses world-class beauty experts and scientists who are behind every Pond’s product innovation. “With a more consumer-driven concept, we are hoping Pond’s can be even more accessible to Indonesian women,” explained Putri Diah Paramita, Marketing Manager Skin Care PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

Pond’s Institute Jakarta is located in Jl. Prof Dr Satrio Kav C-4 No. 10, Setiabudi Kuningan Timur, Jakarta Selatan. If you pass that street, you won’t miss the modern-looking building with glass facade which looks so inviting. The interior is spacious, bright and relaxing. You won’t feel or hear any of the crazy traffic that’s happening right outside the door :D There’s a lounge which guests can sit and make themselves feel comfortable while waiting for the treatment to begin. Their certified beauticians will also do a skin analysis on you to determine what type of skin you have and which treatment is most suitable for you.

Pond’s Institute houses 11 single rooms and 3 double rooms for their facial treatments. The treatments differ according to the products range, Pond’s Flawless White, Pond’s Age Miracle and Pond’s Gold Radiance. They also use advanced technology to complete the steps of facial treatment such as Galvanic Technology, Diamond Microdermabration, Cool Iron and many more.

There wasn’t enough time for me to try the facial treatment but I was lucky enough to receive this Pond’s Institute Privilege Card which I could use to get all of the treatments available in the place for 1 year and I can bring a friend too! I can’t wait to use the card!

If you’re interested to visit Pond’s Institute and use the facilities, you can simply do so by purchasing Pond’s products from the Flawless White, Age Miracle and Gold Radiance range. Or you can go straight to the place and purchase the product there. Please call 0215262370 and 0215262371 for more info.

Because the lounge in the ground floor is quite spacious, we can also hold a gathering there. Isn’t it great! Would you be interested to come if we do any event there? What kind of event do you think we should have?