How to Choose the Right Bridal Make Up Artist

So after you found the right man, choosing the right Bridal Makeup Artist (MUA) is indeed another challenge. Every bride always wants to look her best and flawless on their wedding day, but picking someone to make her look a million dollar and trusting him/her to do their magic works on your special day can be a little bit hard. We know that there are a lot of wedding MUAs but how can you tell that he/she is the one for you?

Based on my recent personal experience, I’ve gathered a checklist of things you better consult during your Bridal MUA hunting. It is a bit of work, but trust me, once you’ve found the one, you are the happiest bride in the whole world :)

  1. Find your wedding style and wedding theme. First, is it a modern or traditional wedding? Or a modern-traditional? Afterwards, think about your wedding theme & location: ball wedding? whimsical wedding? masquerade wedding? beach wedding? Is it a formal or informal wedding party? There are endless options for your wedding theme, so settle with one and think well on how you want to look like on your wedding day.
  2. Get to know your own skin. Learn the type of your skin. Notify your prospective MUA about your skin problem or potential skin reaction toward certain chemicals found in beauty products. You have to tell them clearly if your make up usually lasts only 2 hours since you apply it or the laugh line he/she has to get rid of.
  3. Do some research. Not only on the list of MUA you have on hand, but I strongly encourage brides-to-be to do some research on look and hairstyle they wish to achieve.
  4. After you’re done with #1, #2 and #3, narrow your MUA list based on his/her expertise. MUA for a traditional wedding can be very confident in doing traditional bride look, but how about modern look? Look carefully and learn their skill through their portfolios, but remember, those portfolio might be a bit ‘manipulating’ because portfolios are where editing tools mostly get involved.
  5. Interview. Ask what make up style they’re exposed the most, their background and their past experiences with brides. What is their best of doing? What make up brand they are using on their client? Tell them how you want to look on the wedding day and ask them specifically on how they’re going to fulfill you wish and tackle all your skin issues. Think whether their explanation satisfies you.
  6. Still during the interview, ask your prospective MUA the plan details. Do they dedicate time to work for you on your wedding day or is he/she engaged with other brides on the same day? Can he/she come to your place or you must go to their workshop? If yes, get a fixed schedule and workshop location. Ask them about the contingency plan if another bride runs late on the day.
  7. Get a clear pricing in your contract. Some MUAs provides cheaper service fee if you come to their workshop instead of asking them coming to your site but please consider the limitation I mentioned above.
  8. Note that feedback/reviews from clients is very essential, too. Only from former clients, you can get frank review on their work, professionalism and punctuality (believe me, being behind of schedule on your wedding day is the last thing you want on your special day). Do check out this thread on Female Daily forum for bridal MUA feedback and testimonial.
  9. Make up test. After the research & interview, spare sometimes and get your prospective MUA to demonstrate their skill on real canvas, your face! From there, you’ll find whether her/his make up skill & style suit you the best. Also, learn the product they use during the demonstration. Remember, there are many fake make-up product out there, so if you are suspicious with product they use, ask them nicely or get someone else, with a good product knowledge to ease your worry.
  10. After the test, see yourself in the mirror and ask someone to take a photo of you. The actual looks can be very different with how it looks on the camera (and pictures are forever evidence, you want to look pretty on your wedding pictures, rite? :D ) Then ask yourself, are you comfortable with the make up? Do you feel confident with that make up on? Is there anything you want to change? your eyelashes? glittery hair? The eye shadow color? If you think it’s necessary, take a note! Don’t forget to alert them if you find a skin reaction toward certain products/chemical after few hours of using.
  11. So you are happy with his work and has decided to trust your look to his/her expertise, it’s time to do some paperwork! Get the contract papers, read it carefully, including the payment terms. You want to make sure your Bridal MUA does their work, but don’t forget to do your part!
  12. We know exactly how stressful wedding preparation can be, and as the day is getting closer, don’t forget to give your skin & body some extra treatments (that includes lots of drink and healthy foods, too!)
  13. On the day, don’t forget to put on the best accessories of all: your gorgeous smile! We know that even the best make-up artist in the world will not do you any good without your smile :)

Have fun hunting & good luck, bride-to-be!