Dress Up Duo :)

I love going to wedding reception with my daughter because both of us get to dress up :D Now that she’s a little older and has a LOT of opinions about what she wears, she and I can discuss what we both will wear to a wedding.

I was invited to Nia’s wedding, a forum member who goes by the nickname of Nik, who owns Magenta Wardrobe lapak which you’re probably familiar with, and I asked Aluf to come with me. I told her I was going to wear a dress, not kebaya which I mostly wear to similar occasion, and she said firmly “Then I’m going to wear a fluffy skirt.” That’s her current obsession by the way. Big, billowy, fluffy skirts resembling ballerina tutu :D

On me:

  • Jefrry Tan dress
  • Necklace and bangles from a little store in Pejaten Village (totaly forgot the name)
  • Snake-shaped cocktail ring, a gift from my mother in law
  • Zara flats

On Aluf:

  • Gingersnap top and ballerina skirt
  • Gold sandals from Metro department store
  • Tiara from the traditional market near my house :D
  • Unbranded beads necklace

PS: No, I didn’t wear these flats to the wedding, I changed in the car to a pair of black heels :D

PPS: Sorry about the picture quality, this was taken with my mobile phone in my in-laws’ very dimly lit dining room.