WRP Diet Center: Not Just Another Slimming Center

With the mushrooming slimming centers today, WRP Diet Center offers not only latest technology in slimming but also helps you in arranging a healthy diet and lifestyle. Another interesting difference between WRP Diet Center and other slimming centers is: the result you achieve from WRP Diet Center’s slimming program is promised to be stable, without any “yo-yo effect” that normally goes back to your previous weight as soon as the weight-loss program is stopped. All you have to do to maintain the result is keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

Kwik Wan Tien, General Manager of WRP Diet Center, said that “by conducting weight-loss program from WRP Diet Center, a person can lose 1 – 1.5 kilogram per week. Losing more than 1.5 kilogram in a week isn’t healthy and the result won’t last long either. So they arrange the program to reduce body weight gradually to achieve stable result. They also give 100% money back guarantee if you fail to achieve the goals that has been set.” Sounds good, doesn’t it?

After opening the center at Pacific Place Mall and Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, WRP Diet Center now expands its wings at Mall Taman Anggrek. Located at Ground Floor, WRP Diet Center at Mal Taman Anggrek has officially launched on February 10, 2011. This April, a new WRP Diet Center will open at Mal Kelapa Gading. FYI, WRP Diet Center is not a form of service by WRP. But actually it is an independent diet center that use WRP products to support its programs. WRP Diet Center’s programs will answer both weight and body-shape problems.

As its main services, WRP Diet Center offers:

1. Weight Loss program to lose body weight in a healthy, stage by stage, so that the result will be stable.

2. Young Mother program to effectively lose excessive weight after pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

3. Body Tightening program to overcome woman’s problematic condition where fat is amassed under the skin surface of some body areas.

Beside mentioned services above, WRP Diet Center also presents other supporting programs such as Cellulite Eraser to get rid of  “orange peel syndrome”, Stretch Mark Minimizer to reduce and even remove stretch mark, and Breast Elevation to restore breast appearance to its best.

Wondering what method they use and how safe it is? WRP Diet Center makes sure the effectiveness of its program by providing low calorie food, proven treatments that have been certified by Food and Drug Administration also by European Mark of Conformity, certified nutritionists and light exercise.

In case you are dying to take a peek inside the room in WRP Diet Center, here are the photos to show how neat and cozy they are:

Consultation Room (left photo), Makeup-&-Changing Room

Service Area and Treatment Room

So if you are interested in trying out the program, here’s what you need to do:

- First, don’t hesitate to stop by and ask at the front desk for more information about the products and services at WRP Diet Center

- After that, you can consult your body condition and the goals you want to achieve at the consultation room.  A personalized program of diet, light exercises and treatments will be decided for you there.

– Before having any treatment, you can change your clothes with the provided silk kimono so that you can get the treatment more comfortably.

– Then you will get specific treatment from well-trained therapist.

– After the treatment is done, now’s the time to change back your clothes and put makeup to freshen up your look.

– Various product to support your program are available at WRP Diet Center. You can ask about the product and buy directly if you want.

What do you think about WRP Diet Center?

Or is there any of you who ever had treatment at WRP Diet Center? Mind to share your experience with us? :)