The German Invasion by s.Oliver

German fashion label s.Oliver that originated from Rottendorf, Bavaria is now available exclusively at METRO Gandaria City. s.Oliver is a fashion brand that offers something for everyone in the family for men, women and childrens.

There are three products line from s.Oliver for men and women that is now available at METRO, they are s.Oliver Casual, s.Oliver Selection and QS by s.Oliver. Whereas from children there’s also s.Oliver Junior.

s.Oliver Casual is one of the biggest segment from the fashion brand that offers casual leisure fashion that remains trendy and fashionable. It’s also made with high quality that promises you comfort with it’s fresh and energetic feels.

The second line is s.Oliver Selection for the more sophisticated audience that offers an understated style. It emanate the look of confidence, active and strong character. There are office appropriate attire and also after office hour clothing that looks professional for you to select from.

QS by s.Oliver on the other hand is targeted for teenagers and young adults that instill the latest urban fashion trend. It’s perfect for those that like to experiment for their style and dare to be brave with their style to look different.

METRO offers a limited Personal Shopping Card from s.Oliver that comes with special discount that you will be able to get from 10 February 2011 onward with a minimum purchase. So don’t forget to check the s.Oliver counter next time you stop by at Gandaria City.