New Hair For One Piece Makeover Winners!

Either you want to look fresh and new, to keep your hair healthy, or simply want to trust your hair to the perfect hand, hair makeover in the right salon answers it all. And we rely our beloved readers to get hair makeover in One Piece Hair Studio that is located at Sogo Central Park Mall, West Jakarta. Seeing our thread on One Piece Hair Studio makeover contest, we’re happy to see such good response from the contestants who joined the contest. Anyway, here are the three lucky winners to realize the new hair they wanted:

1. Sasti / @Shizuoka / Shizuoka (real name/ Twitter ID/ Female Daily forum ID)

“Thanks for making this contest! Been longing to change my hairstyle for years,” that’s Sasti commenting on this contest. Sasti was the first winner who got her hair done by One Piece hairstylist. When she had long hair, she couldn’t do anything beside tying her hair up or down. As she wrote on the thread, she wanted to have short bob haircut. She doesn’t mind styling and blowing her hair everyday because she loves bob hair.

Kevin Ding was One Piece hairstylist who realized Saski’s dream. Before conducting the hair makeover, Kevin analyzed Sasti’s hair condition and asked aboutthe hairstyle she wanted. Then his first action was coloring Sasti’s hair with natural dark brown to give it a new color, but still taking Sasti’s skin tone into consideration. Then he cut Sasti’s hair carefully strand by strand to reach the desired length. After blow drying it, Kevin kept cutting the hair precisely so it resulted in a perfect mushroom bob hair. She looked really cute and fresh! That was a dramatic change for her, but Sasti admitted that she was happy for the result. Also, she never had either short hair and bangs before. We’re really glad you like it, Sasti!

2. Irna / @aralefallacy / Arale

Before having her hair makeover, the last time she had haircut was on July 2007. Those 3 years are long enough to grow Irna’s hair to the waist length that almost reach the butt! No wonder the hair was so heavy and caused massive hairloss. With this makeover contest, she wanted to chop it short to make it felt light and breezy.

At One Piece Hair Studio, I was a bit surprised to see another photographer taking picture of the makeover process. I thought he was sent from another media. But then I found out that the photographer was Irna’s boyfriend :) How cute it is to have your boyfriend capturing each moment of the makeover process!

Talking about the makeover, again Kevin Ding became the trusted One Piece Hairstylist to do the hair makeover. Since Irna’s hair was so long, Kevin tied her hair before cutting it off. It left a bundle of Irna’s hair as reminiscence. Then Kevin cut and formed to shoulder-length hair. Afterward, he gave a touch of gold to the hair so it looked brighter. Irna’s skin is quite fair so the haircolor looked good on her. After that cutting and coloring process, Irna’s hair was not only blowdried, but also curled to make it even more beautiful. No other word but pretty to describe Irna’s new look. She definitely loved it!

3. Rachel/ @Rachalda/ Vlaire

Previously, Rachel cut her bangs and colored her hair by herself. Now that she got hair makeover from One Piece Hair Studio, she doesn’t need to plan a Do-It-Yourself project for her hair anymore. Her hair was already in the expert’s hands. Kyosuke, the hairstylist, cut Rachel’s hair right at the shoulder and made layer at the front part. Her bangs was cut blunt to create a balance with the layer. Actually, Kyosuke planned to color the hair with brown but he couldn’t since Rachel’s hair was colored about a month ago. The color wouldn’t be absorbed by the hair unless it was bleached. But bleaching is not something recommended by One Piece hairstylists because it may damage the hair shaft. Well, without getting a new color, Rachel’s new hair is pretty already. After the makeover process had finished, Rachel said “Arigato Gozaimas” several times to Kyosuke to express how she loved her beautiful new haircut :D

We wanted to thank One Piece Hair Studio for this wonderful contest and thank you for participating in it. If you haven’t won this time, don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. But if you can’t wait that long, call now and book appointment with any of the talented stylist above and get your own fabulous hair makeover!