Body Lotion and Sunscreen in One Tube

A visit to a drugstore shouldn’t be a quick one, because that wouldn’t allow you to relax and enjoy all the steal deal in beauty department available in the drugstore alley. I haven’t been able to do that because everytime I went to a drugstore it’s always in a rush because I do that in the time where I do my monthly grocery shopping. So when I had the chance to do so, I really take my time to investigate the alley one by one. Among others, I found the new product from Vaseline Healthy White range which is the SPF24 Triple Protection Body Lotion.

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock SPF 30/PA++ is one of my day to day sunscreen for body, but I don’t really like its consistency because it’s too thick. But this is always the case with any sunscreen, the consistency is always somehow thick and it’s really hard to blend into the skin. So I have been looking forward to a body lotion that includes sunscreen in an affordable price. Usually when I use the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock I mix it with my body lotion so it’s easier to use.

Coming back to the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Triple Protection, it’s actually similar to the old Vaseline Healthy White body lotion but with the added UVA and UVB protection. The  consistency is just like any other body lotion in the market even though it has UVA and UVB but it doesn’t make it any thicker.  Two spoonfullof this product should be enough to be used on your whole body.

Use this body lotion prior going out in the morning so that you will be safe from the sun. It offers SPF 24 UVB protection which is only 6 points lower compared to the Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock and as for the UVA protection it offer the same protection which is PA++. Since it’s only offer SPF 24 it’s good to be used if you have minimal outdoor activity like going to the office in the morning. But if you’re going out for lunch in the middle of the day or your activity requires you to go out in the sun most of the time, it’s wise to put a sunscreen on top of this body lotion and reapply it every 3 or 4 hours. The only drawback is the scent, it has the some scent like Vaseline Healthy White but after an hour or so it will disappear.

Since I bought this from Guardian, I paid more or less Rp 17,500 for 100ml and for 200ml the price is around Rp 29,000 which is far cheaper. But I heard in most supermarket and hypermarket the price is around Rp 15,000 for 100ml and Rp 26,000 for 200ml.

Read below for the ingredients list: