Instant Glow with Uplight from MUFE

If you like the HD Microfinish Blush from Make Up For Ever then the new product from them called Uplight can be your new favourite. Contained in the same pumped bottle like the HD Microfinish Blush, the Uplight Face Luminizer Gel will give your face an instant glow.

This silky gel is made up of 70% water that gives a light texture, refreshing feeling and ease of application. It can be used on it’s own on the part of your face that you usually applies highlighter or you can mis it with your foundation to give that healthy glow on your face.

Uplight contains reflecting pigments which capture and diffuse light, which is why perfect to be used as highlighter. It’s also perfect to create that sunkissed look or just a minimum blushing cheeks  colour. It comes in 8 shades in dewy, pearly or sparkly finishes and sold at Rp 375,000 a bottle.

The 8 shades are:

  • Dewy Pink Beige
  • Dewy Golden Warm
  • Pearly White
  • Pearly Pink Flesh
  • Pearly Golden Flesh
  • Sparkling Blue Pink
  • Sparkling Golden Pink
  • Sparkling Golden Copper

Make Up For Ever have given us few application tips on how to use Uplight to create a Sculpted Glow look:

  1. Apply Uplight in your cheek bones. Pump once into your finger tips and apply lightly by tapping your fingers until it’s evenly spread. If you’re unsure where to place it, try to smile facing into the mirror and you will see the part of your cheek which rise a bit, that’s where you need to place Uplight.
  2. You can use uplight to highlight your browbone to rise the arch of your brow. It can also be used on the inside corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes.
  3. Apply contour powder such as Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit into your cheeks starting with the darker shade to contour your cheeks to create an even bolder sculpting on your face.
  4. Lastly, apply a sculpting kit to your jawline to define your face, but remember to blend it real well or it will look like as if it’s displaced.