All You Need To Know About Kaftan

What is Kaftan?

Kaftan is a long tunic that reaches the ankles with long wide sleeves and usually made of light fabric such as muslin or cotton. A kaftan is often embroidered at the front and the sleeves and worn with a belt.

Kaftans were mostly worn by Eastearn Mediterranean people, also North and West Africa. Interestingly, a long time ago there were a strict hierarchical regulations of wearing a kaftan in Ottoman or Turkish empire. The colors, patterns, ribbons and buttons were chosen according to a person’s social status.

Right photo is an example of a kaftan that is originated from Morroco. Regardless of its original design, kaftan is now developed into more variety of styles and details. Modified kaftan is also available in shorter length.

Kaftan Today

Various kaftans made of chiffon available in Kaftan-Kaftan boutique.

Above pictures are the closer look at kaftan’s details.

Where to get a kaftan

Kaftan Kaftan is an example of boutique which sells wide variety of kaftans, ranging from simple to glamorous, chiffon or silk. Most of the kaftans here are produced in house, but you can also find some pieces that are authentic Moroccan kaftans. The price starts from Rp 700,000 to Rp 2 million for localĀ  kaftans and approximately Rp. 5 million for Moroccan kaftans.

Kaftan Kaftan: Jl. Kemang Raya No. 15, phone: 021- 7183235

How to wear a kaftan

  • Wear a kaftan with simple details as an outerwear at beach. Wear the kaftan to layer your swimsuit and cover your skin from sun exposure. Pick the one that is made of comfortable material such as light cotton.
  • As an evening wear, choose kaftan with glimmering details or you can accessorize yourself with a set of bangles and a pair of festive earrings. Velvet or silk is the most suitable fabric for this occasion. Don’t forget to put on your matching high heels.
  • Some kaftans are made in loose cutting without any drapery or clinch to hold the waist. Therefore you will need a belt to enhance your silhouette and avoid looking to0 voluminous.
  • For casual look, you can pair short-length kaftan with skinny jeans or shorts; then add a pair of metallic sandals to complete your look.

Photos taken from Kaftan Kaftan boutique

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