A Space for Lace

We first saw lace as a trend way back in 2008 and Dys wrote about it, but in 2010, lace made a comeback yet again and looks like it’s here to stay! You see them more and more on the runway, on celebrities and on the rack of your favorite retailers.

I myself had mixed feelings about it. I love how it gives a very feminine and romantic vibe with a retro touch (I’m a sucker for anything retro), but I wasn’t sure how I could pull it off. I could see myself in a lace dress, but other than that, I really had no idea how I would wear it, as the only lace outfit I own all this time is kebaya.Wearing lace can be tricky, because you can end up looking tacky or like an old lady instead of ladylike.

But when I saw this skirt from Marks & Spencer at Plaza Senayan yesterday, I had an urge to try it on. And to my surprise, it looked really good. Because it’s a pencil skirt, it hugs my body perfectly and the nude-colored inlay makes the beautiful pattern pops. I think with a solid color top and a pair of knock-out shoes, I could really make this skirt work!

If you want more lace in your choice of outfit, they also have this ultra chic shift dress in black and beige (not in picture).

So what do you think? Are you excited about this lace trend? Do you think you’re going to wear any?