West Vs East Haircut Ideas

Still need ideas for your next haircut? Then keep on reading because the “it” haircut idea will be shared by the master. According to Hisato Suzuki, International Director of Hair Studio Shunji Matsuo, two major influences in haircut trend come from the Western and Eastern region. Between this two sides of the world, there are some similarities and also differences in determining haircut trend.

Recently, Western people, like those who live in Europe, are fond of bob hair and geometric cutting. Many kinds of bob hair such as square bob or mushroom bob hit the runway and magazine spreads there. While geometric cutting is described as a style in which the front, back, and sides of the hair have different cutting, Geometric cutting is often emphasized with asymmetric fringe.

Another popular haircut is the one with extra long fringe and short haircut on the sides. To complete the haircut, the hair is colored in single tone. As you can see from the pictures, monochromatic is the key to most of the models’ hair. But you can still add another color in the form of highlight. The new trend is to give highlight of darker color on the hair. Hisato said that those haircut ideas that are influenced by the Western haircut can be applied in both boys’ and girls’ hair.

Now let’s move on to the exotic East. Hisato mentioned Japan and Singapore as the most influential nations that contribute in determining hair trend in Asia Pacific region. Haircut in the East is more flexible compared to those in West because the East has more haircut options. But there is one key that needs to be preserved in the Eastern haircut ideas which is: Balance. Balancing action means combining between light and heavy structure of the hair. As examples, the combination of blunt fringe and layered hair or the combination of heavy curls with light fringe.

Even though Western and Eastern regions have their own style and characteristic in determining haircut trend, similar looks are still seen. Geometric cutting and long-fringe short-sides haircut like the pictures above are found in both Eastern and Western haircut.

Photos from One Piece Hair Studio