Tried & Tested: Takeda Flat Iron

It doesn’t seem long ago that I wrote a post about getting a smoothing for my hair. But now I come back here with the same problem, frizzy and unruly hair! I had the smoothing done last May, so it’s been a while and my hair grows pretty quick. Now that I have chopped half of it, I think there’s no more sleek hair left for me. So I’m stuck with this :D

I’ve had a Chi flat iron before that I got from eBay three years ago. It’s not as good as the Chi I bought from Sephora the previous three years before that (probably because I got a fake!) but I could live with it. Last week, the Chi broke down on me, I don’t know what happened but it just didn’t want to turn on. Panicking, because I had a meeting the next day and didn’t want to scare the client away, I marched my way to Mayestik. I was pretty sure I wanted to get a Babyliss straightener because it has nice review on our forum. Well, I actually wanted a GHD straightener but I needed something really fast so I didn’t have no choice. GHD is indeed expensive but the review is so good and I’ve tried Chi before and couldn’t live without it, so I know that a good quality flat iron is indeed one of girl’s best investments :) So I asked the sales lady if she has some flat irons, and she showed me the Babyliss and this Takeda brand. I’ve never heard about this brand before, but I learned it’s from the same maker as Babyliss. The one that attracted me the most about this product is that it’s wide! Wider than most flat irons, so I figured I can straighten my hair faster. I tried both at the store and was immediately sure that I liked Takeda better. First because of the fact that it’s wider, second is because it just easier to iron, it feels smoother against your hair whereas with Babyliss I can feel that it’s kinda rough (I hope you get the point I’m trying to say here!). Last but not least, the price of this Takeda flat iron is only half of Babyliss (Rp 250,000). I was so taking this home with me!

That’s how the flat iron looks. I usually apply Kerastase Ciment Thermique to protect my hair from the heat before smoothing my hair. The only drawback from Takeda is it has a noise. But it’s not annoying at all for me. I guess I’m just happy to have silky smooth and straight hair :)

So what do you think? Not bad at all, right? I just need to get a haircut to make the final result looks better.
What about you? What’s your flat iron? How do you like yours?