A Pop of Colors on Your Ears

Earrings, apart from lipsticks, are probably my biggest weakness. I just can’t help myself when I see a pair of pretty, dangling, earrings with unique details. Be it simple hoop ones that you can wear with jeans and crisp white shirt, to demure and understated small pieces with delicate details that people are not going to notice unless they stand really really close to you, to a pair of huge, boho earrings that you pair with maxi dresses and lots of bangles – they are my wardrobe staples.

Lately, I’ve been drawn to solid, bright-colored earrings. Yes, they are a little harder to wear because these pieces tend to be the main focus on your whole outfit so you really have to think about your clothes and the other accessories you’re going to wear. But if you are going monochromatic,  they are the perfect accessories. Imagine, jade-colored earrings on an all white ensemble, or deep ruby red bejeweled pair with your gray pantsuits. Gorgeous, right?

Left: Rosario Dawson in 2011 SAG Awards wearing earrings by Susie Fox jewelry. Right: Similar to what Rosario Dawson was wearing, Anthropologie Sky Drops earrings

Left: Forever 21 coral dream catcher beaded earrings Right: twinkle + sparks Svelte La Mer

Left: Jane Krakowski wearing a pair of unique peach-colored earrings at 2011 SAG Awards Right: Top Shop fish studs

Image from justjared, forever 21, top shop, twinkle+sparks, Anthropologie