Blush on Kis: Body Care 101

Skin care is also needed for the skin of our bodies and not just for our face. Basic care that you need to do for body care to achieve healthy looking skin is basically “Exfoliate & Moisturize” and on next week’s Blush on Kis, Sarah Damanik the Marketing Manager of L’occitane will give us the basic information on body care.

Unhealthy skin does not only happens on your face but also on your face. The cause of unhealthy skin is caused by the replacement of dead skin and uneven skin that accumulate together. This occurs when the skin cages or exposed to an external aggressor such as UV rays, pollutions and cold air. As a result the skin becomes clogged and appear scaly.

The advantage of  exfoliating (scrub) your skin regularly: the dead skin will change more quickly, evenly and reduce the buildup of unhealthy skin. It will also cleanse the pores, so that the moisturizer used will be absorbed and more easily as well.

To make sure that your skin will stay moisturized the whole day it is recommended to use a moisturizer twice a day in the morning and evening after you take a shower. Make sure that the ingredients and texture of the moisturizer is what your skin need because like your face, the skin on our body differ from people to people.

Sarah said that “Exfoliate & Moisturize” care should be done in a state where your skin is clean (after shower) and when the pores are clean so that the granules in your scrub does not press the dirt to get into your skin and it will also make sure that your moisturizer will be absorbed optimally.

Texture of moisturizer for body varies, for instance:

  1. Body lotion: texture is somewhat liquid
  2. Body cream: thick textured
  3. Body oil: texture is very oily

As said above, moisturizing ingredients also need to be tailored to the needs of the skin. For instance in L’Occitane for very dry skin or dehydrated are encourage to use a moisturizer from the range of Shea Butter. For dull skin there are a range of Organic Olive Tree that returns your skin glow while maintaining it’s moisture level. For skin that have started to loose it’s elasticity there’s the Almond Firming Milk. Whereas for those who do not have a specific concern, there are different range of moisturizers that also offers fragrances such as Rose Body lotion, Cherry Blossom, Green Tea, etc.

Other skin concern that women usually experience are stretch marks, this problem often arise when the skin is not elastic enough when the skin is actually requires to stretch more than what it can handle. Skin can stretch more than usual in time of pregnancy, aging, enormous body weight gain or extreme exposure to sunlight.

To prevent stretch marks, skin should remain as elastic as possible, which means that our skin need to be moisturize at it’s optimum level when the stretching occurs – which means we need to moisturize our skin regularly like what is mentioned above. If you already have stretch marks what you can do is to conduct regular massage using products with dry oil texture which have a very high humidity level and easily absorbed by the skin and it’s also not sticky. Sarah recommended the Almond Supple Skin Oil from L’Occitane.

Sarah also recommended to do Fragrance layering so that your body can smell fresh the whole day. Fragrance layering can be done by using products within the same range or flavour, by using soap, lotion and perfume (Eeu de Toilette / Perfume) so that the fragrance can last longer.

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