The 12th Hour

Somebody once said this to Hanzky and me “It must be nice to just blog all day long for a living!” I remember looking at each other and laughing  because we wish that’s all we do!

On the day these photos were taken for example, we had a long meeting, discussing what we’re going to do in the year 2011. When I said long, I meant long. We started the meeting at 10 in the morning and finished at..10 at night! That has got to be the longest meeting we’ve ever had and naturally we were tired, as apparent in the pictures :D

The meeting was held in the last few days of 2010 at Omah Sendok. Apart from a few smoking breaks during the whole day, which we used to walk around the pretty lush backyard of the restaurant, we were cooped up in this small semi-private room . But believe me, even though we looked pretty stressed out, it was actually very exciting to plan a whole year full of fun and interesting things we’re going to do on Fashionese Daily, Mommies Daily, Fame n Frame and of course, our Female Daily forum.

It’s going to be an action-packed year (it’s only January and we’ve done 2 events and are about to do 3 more in the next couple of weeks!) and because we’ve cooked up all these plans with you on our mind, we really hope you’ll have fun as much as we are :)

  • XSML Top
  • Guess jeans
  • Novo wedges
  • Baubles & Fun necklace