That Extra Miles for the Dry & Dehydrated Skin

When you have dry and dehydrated skin, like what I often experience, it’s pretty hard to just rely on your moisturizer to do all the job. You have to add an extra product, just to keep your skin hydrated for the whole day. Or else, you’re going to end up with cracking and flaky skin, sometime very soon. It’s quite challenging as well to apply makeup, especially foundation when your skin is at this stage. It’s frustrating how foundation just looks like it sits on top of my skin and not blends right in.

Yes, some product could be very moisturizing. Sometimes people apply more of their moisturizer when they feel their skin is really dry. But, it really doesn’t help that much. If you put too much moisturizer into your face, it might not help with the dehydration but your face will become much oilier for sure.

You know what I did when I started to see feasible sign of extreme dryness and dehydration in my skin? I add that extra product into my skincare regimen that will allow the product to keep the moisture intact and penetrates my skin so that it will stay dehydrated all day long. So prior to my normal moisturizer I would add another product to do this job.

My favourite so far are:

  1. La Mer Hydrating Infusion
    The formula of this product is lotion like but just a little bit thicker than water, imagine a very runny syrup. It gives the skin instant hydration, smoothness and conditioning on demand. It’s especially formulated for dry skin that needs extra hydration. The lotion contains deep green algae that will deliver extreme hydration, helps plumpup  fine lines, replenish your skin moisture and retexturize the skin. What I love about this product is that it’s really thin and sink in directly into my skin so I can just apply my moisturizer afterward. I don’t see any major changes in my skin’s texture when I’m wearing it but I do see that I don’t need to apply any moisturizer mid day. So it really works! It cost $95 in the U.S. so I would assume the price is somewhere along that line here. Nowadays, if you’re looking for the La Mer counter, they have moved to Glow at Plaza Indonesia.
  2. Oe mf 30 Moisture Activator
    I’m immediately sold by the name of this moisturizer. It’s a thin cream formula that when you spread it evenly into your skin quickly disappear and it gives a nice soft velvety texture to the skin. I feel that my skin immediately becomes softer and smoother but perhaps this is because of the velvety finish. As for the hydrating job, it does quite well and it does not make my face feels oily at all. But I would opt for this when I feel my skin gets really dry because of weather change, stressed cause by external factor and not yet flaky. Once it goes flaky, I still prefer La Mer because of the watery formula.The moisture activating comes from the combination of extracts of iris and passionflower. The added avocado oil in this serum prevents further water loss by working in a protective and restorative manner according to the Oe Website. It’s priced at Rp 510,000 and you can find it at Senses.
  3. Menard Tsukika Emulsion
    In Japanese skincare, usually an emulsion is used after your lotion. The formula comes creamy and light so it’s perfect to be combined with your normal moisturizer. Whenever I feel like I need an extra moisturizer, I would just apply a tiny bit of this emulsion followed by my moisturizer. But if my skin is not really dry, this moisturizer alone is actually enough for day use. It helps lock the moisture on our skin after the moisture has been replenished by the lotion. It’s quite affordable too, at Rp 330,000, a bottle can last you for a very long time. I have written a complete review on the Tsukika skincare product line if you want to know more about them.

Sometimes though, during the day I often feels like my skin are really tight because of extreme dryness despite the added product that I have put. So, during this situation I would reapply my moisturizer on top of my makeup to avoid any cracking or flaking. I like Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray because it’s not messy at all if I need to use it on top of my makeup. Just spray it 30 cm from your face and let it dry (don’t touch your face under any circumstances!) It’s also available in gel creme formula that you can use on top of your make up too by tapping the gel on your face lightly, again don’t touch your face until the moisturizer dries.

Does it all sounds so tedious? Well it’s that extra miles that you have to take that, in the end, will help your skin survive from extreme dehydration.