Menard Herb Mask; Not Your Typical Mask

I’m a sucker for facial mask. It’s like an instant solution for a dull complexion, whenever I’m experiencing it. There are all kind of masks, but one that is commonly used is the one which helps to improve your face complexion and your skin’s state. Using facial mask regularly will help improve your skin condition and maintain its health.

My recent mask encounter is the Menard Herb Mask that cost Rp 770,000, which is a creamy facial mask with soft granules to help give our skin the ultimate clarifying care. This mask is said to remove old dead skin cells and contains herbal ingredients and bring out smooth-textured skin to achieve a clear and bright complexion. As Affi has mentioned here, that dead skin cell build-up on the face surface will make your skin dull.

Who is it for?

It’s the perfect mask for people with rough textured skin, dull and dark complexion as well as large pores with stubborn white heads.

When do you use it?

You can use it three times a week, in the morning or at night.

I love using it at night when I have a rough day or a busy one. The soft scent relaxes my senses and it really help to ease my skin. It also instantly lifts up the tired skin condition to a more supple one and help prepare my skin to face another busy day the next day.

If I have a special occasion that requires me to do a perfect makeup, such as wedding or event, I use this mask first before continuing with my skincare ritual and makeup. It makes my skin more supple and it helps to make my makeup application more flawless.

How to use it?

This mask is best to use just after you wash and cleanse your face but before you put on your toner. Take half a tablespoon worth of product and apply the product evenly onto your face but avoid the eyes and lips area. Massage the cream lightly for about 2 to 3 minutes in an upward motion until the green and orange granules turn white and leave it as a mask for about 3 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.

If you’re confused on how to use it, play this video below showing Syita’s applying the Herb Mask.

FD-ers Review on Herb Mask

So now that you’ve known all you need to know about Herb Mask, let’s hear what FD-ers said about this product.


I’ve tried Herb mask from Menard for over one month. The mask has light green color with green and orange beads. I was told that I had to leave the cream on my face for 1 minute then massage it for about 2-3 minutes until the beads become colorless. When I applied the cream on to my face skin, I felt it that it was very very creamy which I love so much! It made me want to scrub my face the whole night. Then I washed it off using luke-warm water. And voilaaaaa my face felt sooo moist. I like it.

The mask is supposed to brighten your skin as well, but after using it for one month, I have not noticed it yet since I do not have an immediate problem with my complexion that makes the change noticeable.

In my opinion, the only drawback of this cream is the fragrance. I feel that it’s too strong.


Menard is a high-end brand from Japan. Though I’ve heard raves about this brand from Deszell, I didn’t expect that much from their Herb Mask when I tried it.

Menard Herb Mask is a cream with tri-color micro-beads; white, orange and green. It has herbal scent which I think is quite pleasant and relaxing. Mind you that this mask is not typical old-fashioned mask which you put on your face and leave it to dry. It is more like a scrub/massage cream. You simply put a thin layer evenly over your face, leave it for a minute or two, then massage gently in circular motion  until the orange and green micro-beads turn white. You only need to massage for a 2 minutes and then clean it using a washcloth that has been soaked into lukewarm water.

There was nothing spectacular after my first try-out. But after using it for a week (3 times), my skin feels relaxed, supple and comfortable. And did I see a glow? I think I did. The micro-beads are soft that you won’t need to worry it would peel-off your skin. And though my skin is basically oily/combination, this mask doesn’t make it more oily. If used regularly (3 times a week), I think this jar would last you a good three months or so.

I’ve always hated old-fashioned mask that takes a long time to dry and cracks when I make any facial expression. Finding this mask is surely a salvation for me. All I need is 5 extra minutes in the bathroom, and I’m out with a better skin!