A Touch of Batik from Mimo

In FD Market Plaza you can find a lot of gems. From Purchase Order of labels that you can’t find in Indonesia, hard-to-find items to brands that are made by FD-ers themselves.

FD-ers newest obsession is the Mimo Clothing Line that offers simple design with a touch of batik. Just a little bit to sweeten the whole look and it’s actually a more wearable and casual way to wear batik. ¬†Although Mimo Clothing Line sells attire with a touch of batik but one of their identities is that they never use full batik material for their pieces except for skirt. They put a splash of batik here and there to liven up the attire. The colours are mainly staying on the neutral side so that you can mix it up with anything. As they say themselves in their thread, that batik is actually a beautiful material but perhaps, to some people, a full batik attire could be too much so they’re offering another way to enjoy the beauty.

You should go check Mimo Clothing Line on FD Market Plaza which also sells bags from Mimo and see the whole collection yourself. There’s a lot of FD-ers who already got addicted with Mimo’s product as evidently seen on the Mimo Thread.

Our pick falls to Ananta top that comes in S-L sizes and available in four colours (green, grey, pink and cream). Affi has already put an order for the Ananta top in Pink whereas I’m waiting for my Abiyasa (another gem!), so let’s see whether my Mimo collection will grow real fast :)

What I like about Ananta is the drapery details at the front combined with a batik on the top part that make it look ultra chic. Especially with the fabric that looks so comfortable, I bet it’s going to be a staple for a hot sunny day like today. The batik part at the top would look great as well peeking through from behind a jacket. The price is Rp 150,000 so while you’re at it, you can throw in a pair of short or skirt to go along with the top.

A word of caution, don’t click the link if you’re unwilling to part with your money. You have been warned.