Will You Dress Your Doll With Lady Gaga’s Iconic Dresses?

It seems that everybody keeps going gaga about Lady Gaga. Anna Chong, a student from London College of Fashion took fashion cues from Lady Gaga, not for herself thankfully, but for dolls!

She created the miniaturized Lady Gaga’s iconic dresses for Japanese toy company named Bandai. This 23-year-old student has successfully duplicated 9 Lady Gaga’s dresses including the Alexander McQueen’s red lace outfit, Armani’s orbit dress and Haus of Gaga’s bubble dress. Anna admitted that Gaga’s meat dress was the hardest to be recreated. “It takes two weeks to create as she tested numerous outfits made from salami, honey roasted ham and raw beef strips before settling on a number made using the finest quality Parma ham,” she explained. And it was so kind of her to share the tutorial video of making this meat dress.

Why are these sensational dresses miniaturized? It turns out that it is the way to to promote Harumika (mini-mannequin produced by Bandai)  at the London Toy Fair which opens Wednesday, 25 January, 2011. Actually, these tiny dresses are not for sale. But you can still recreate the meat dress as the tutorial given. Question is, will you?

Source & images from: graziadaily.co.uk, fashion.telegraph.co.uk, GETTY images