2011 Hair Trend Revealed!

Unlike fashion trend, hair trend information is harder to find. Thankfully I recently received the info from a great source. This time, the trend is shared by a French reputable hairdresser, Laurent Decreton. His working experiences include being the hairdresser for L’Oréal shows around the world, photo shoot for magazine & editorial (Vogue,Officiel etc), fashion designer (YSL,Jean Paul Gaultier,Christian Lacroix,Hanaé Mori,Chanel), TV shows and other fashion events. Here, he shared what the next big thing in hair is going to be.

“The next trend is to have curls, finger waves and long hair with layer in the ends. For men, the trend is to have short cut on the side and longer on the top,” said Decreton. Being asked about the hair colors that becomes the trend this year, he answered “The color’s uniformity with a touch of light in the ends”. So feel free to choose the color that suits you well.


Finger waves

Long hair with layer and the ends

Men’s hair trend

He also stated that the trends above can work both Indonesia and his country, France; even though the hair structures are different. “Indonesians’ hair are different with Europeans’. Most Indonesians have beautiful dark and straight hair while Europeans have different texture. But I like both, and especially Indonesians’ hair because I can play with the texture and create a lot of beautiful things and different styling. The trend can work for both countries. It’s about returning to beauty and a nice, sophisticated styling,” he explained.

Do these hair trends inspire you enough to renew your hairstyle?