Quench Your Thirst for Color with Lime Crime Makeup

Fellow makeup addicts will agree that nothing fuels our addiction like visuals: product pictures, product swatches, and most of all – the downfall of all well-meaning, law-abiding gals everywhere – the LOOK. And boy do advertisers know it; what do you think are the purpose of the mega close-up pictures of eyes, lashes, lips.

I admit, my attraction with Lime Crime makeup started with the visuals offered by Xenia aka Doe Deere, founder of the makeup line. Her makeup is so flawlessly colorful that, when looking at the pictures, I can feel drool collecting around my mouth. Yet, as eye-popping and outrageous the look, I have this nagging sense that maybe, just maybe, it might work. And with that thought, off I click to shop.

So what do I have so far? A powder eye shadow and a couple of lipsticks.

Many moons ago, I got magic dust eyeshadow (Lime Crime-speak for loose pigment eyeshadow) in Siren, a glorious mound of fiery red pigment . It is touted as a true red, and I have sort of an obsession for the perfect red eye. Don’t ask.

Swatched on bare arms, the red turns the color of bricks on me, something that has happened with other reds, and I was somewhat disappointed. I tried experimenting with various eyeshadow bases under Siren, but the result remains, the yellow tone of my skin is too strong for even this fiery red to remain its true self. It’s not until I used MAC cream color base in Premeditated, a true red, that I see some promise. Alas, Premeditated is not eye safe, so I’m still on the fence about wearing this over a few hours, what with my penchant for eye rubbing. But for now, this is the best that I could come up with.

More recently, my sorry estate acquired a couple lipsticks from Lime Crime: Airborne Unicorn, a purple, and Cosmopop, a soft orange. Please excuse the chipped nails in the pictures below.

Lime Crime ‘Airborne Unicorn’ lipstick

Lime Crime ‘Cosmopop” lipstick

I adore Airborne Unicorn, it’s a perfect purple color for me, not too dark, not too bright, and definitely not magenta. It does not make me look like I’ve come out of the freezer. I even look, hmm dare I say, pretty.

Wearing ‘Airborne Unicorn’

Cosmopop, on the other hand, is not orange enough, even my teeth were more orange in comparison, yikes! My lips literally disappeared unless I mix in more orange with it. I’m still in quandary on how to use this best. A shame, because this looked so good on Xenia, even as a blush.

The Lime Crime lipsticks are very creamy, much like the MAC amplified creme lipstick formula. They apply opaque, with no detectable scent or taste. I find Airborne Unicorn a bit drying after a full day of use, so be sure to heap on the moisturizers and exfoliate regularly. The casing is interesting, purple with a holographic picture of a unicorn; definitely eye-catching.

In general, if you have some money to splurge and are in the mood for experimenting, no harm in trying these. Otherwise, just take some inspiration from the blog and together we make the World more colorful!